OT - Two questions regarding HDN, Freeze and Ole Miss

Other than from Ole Miss fans, will HDN suffer any blow-back for his part in Freeze resigning; maybe from ESPN fans, ESPN management, etc.?

I don’t know that he deserves it, but I think Nutt may end up getting booted by ESPN.

Secondly, will Freeze get back into coaching, say after a one year lay-off? Probably will get a job as an OC somewhere, IMO.

Interesting questions. Hard to know how ESPN or any other network will react to this regarding Nutt. If they simply don’t want the controversy, they might very well steer clear of either of them. However, it appears to at least some extent Nutt has been vindicated by his lawsuit. It’s pretty clear Freeze & OM lied about the NCAA transgressions happening under Nutt’s regime and now Freeze has been exposed as not only a liar to the press & recruits about Nutt, but a liar to the world about his piety. Getting caught calling hookers isn’t the worst thing in the world, but Hugh’s whole public persona was that of a man whose true calling was to preach the gospel with coaching as the mere tool to do so.

Hugh’s chances to get back into coaching, however, depend on more than be naughty with girls. The NCAA is still looking into his conduct with recruiting. A coaching ban might still be in his future. He might end up with an NFL team, but I’m not sure just how much the NFL needs him. Bobby P got back into coaching, but he didn’t have the NCAA breathing down his back.

I don’t see Nutt getting another HC job unless it’s at some low level school. However, it’s not so much from this, it’s just that no one wants to hire a coach who is over 60 & been out of coaching 5 years. If Phil Fulmer couldn’t do it, I don’t think Houston will. I think he probably gets to stay as a TV analyst for somebody.

Freeze may be hired at Alabama as an “offense consultant”.

HDN works for CBS, usually on CBSSN (not for ESPN.) I think it highly unlikely that he will get fired for trying to protect his reputation.

Thanks for clarification. I knew it didn’t sound right about ESPN, but I just figured my recollection was wrong. Regardless, I agree. CBS isn’t going to fire him for this.

Houston has never worked for ESPN. But I doubt anyone at ESPN or CBS minds that he asked someone to be truthful.

My bad Marty. And after considering the CBS connection and your reasoning, I agree he will likely be retained.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see HDN end up at a Sun Belt School now that his image has been buffed out a tad bit.

That is assuming that he would be willing to go to a Sun Belt level school. He may decide that he would just as soon stay at CBS. Who knows?

Its seems his lottery type luck with the pay checks will continue as Ole Piss may have to cut some more to him over this

Houston Nutt has Ole Miss in a huge bind. He probably will get a huge settlement. If that deal goes to court, Ole Miss is in big trouble. We all heard Hugh Freeze and the Ole Miss reporters talk about how most of, if not all, the violations occurred “under the previous coaching staff”. They lied to protect their recruiting class. Freeze knew exactly now many violations happened under his watch.

I have never been an avid supporter of Coach Nutt, but I respect him more than I did for filing that suit. That rascal is going to load that armored car with cash once again. He drove down to Oxford from Fayetteville with a pile of cash…he drove away from Oxford with a pile of cash and now he may do it again. He had the Midas touch.

To my way of thinking, part of the filing of the lawsuit was HDN acknowledging that his coaching career is done. Few schools, big or small, will take a chance on a guy who sued a former employer (no matter how justified).

He’d be a natural to coach the University of Arkansas - Little Rock’ s new football team and play in WMS. :wink:


I think he’d probably be content with an apology from Ole Miss with an admission they should never have said those things about him. I don’t know that. He ought to at least have enough from them to cover his atty fees & the costs he’s been out for having to file this suit. Bucky has been exposed & brought down enough, I suspect. However, that A.D. who also made calls needs his ass kicked, too.

This quote by MsState fan Steve Robertson taken from the linked article, IMO, shows just how arrogant or stupid the administration is at Ole Miss.

If they had just apologized to Houston Nutt, I don’t even know who Thomas Mars is and I never have the phone records," Robertson said. "I never find that call.”

The piece also clarified some things about how the infamous phone call was discovered and handed to HDN’s attorney.

http://www.espn.com/college-football/st … ogs-writer