OT: Two good reports

My trip to the wound surgeon was good Monday. My surgical area from removal of a mass in my back has started to heal. There is new skin starting to form in the hole. Still got a long way to go, but I’ve been cleared to move around a little more, still not supposed to lift things. I am not asking what “things” are for fear that they will tell me some things not to do that I’m doing. Oh well. I get a week off between visits, so that’s good. I still have several, several weeks of healing to go. But I’m not supposed to do any real exercise and that’s a problem as you’ll see as you read more.

On another front, I had to go to the emergency room Friday night for fear of a blood clot in my leg. You want to see something interesting, go to the emergency room about 10 p.m. on a Friday right. I felt bad that anyone was tending to me because there were high school players stacked up with broken bones, including Jason Allen’s son Grant, the QB for Springdale. He has a broken ankle…

I’ve had some problems with my left knee (two scopes over the years and not much good stuff left in there) and there were concerns that I was developing blood clots since I’ve got stuff going on elsewhere as far as a wound. That’s a scary situation, but I’m good there. Ultra sound tests were good.

I’ve done a good job of keeping my knee strong over the last five years since my last knee scope. But I’ve gotten sedentary (for good reason) over the last month and done hardly anything but lay still. My muscles are not strong enough to keep the pressure off the weak areas of my knee and that’s led to strain and quite a bit of pain. I’ll get through this. The X-rays and other tests today didn’t show a lot of issues, although I know there is some arthritis. I just have to fight through it for a few weeks until I can do the things that generally make the knee strong and provide support.

I did go to the physical therapist today, too. I have some stretches to relieve some issues there. There was thought I was going to get a cortisone shot, but that’s not something I can have in conjunction with my back wound. So that will wait.

I have two conflicting prescriptions from my two doctors. One wants more exercise for my leg. The other wants very little exercise to keep from pulling my wound sideways in my back. Oh well. I’ll wait on the walking and leg exercises for a couple of more weeks. My knee doctor seems to understand. In the meantime, there will be lots of leg stretching. In the meantime, I’ll limp along. I’m only partly kidding.

This getting old kinda sucks.

Amen on the getting old, hang tough ! WPS

I agree with u 100% it does suck

Hang in there Clay, hats off to ya Sir.
That gettin old stuff - creaky knees, sore elbows, aching back, stiff neck, vision/hearing loss, ok that’s enough. Im gonna lay down now and watch the World Series.

It is. Clay, Colorado, and on and on. IT’S true this getting old sucks.
Hang in there some good news. Actually I can not get to where I am today It’s Impossible. I’ve been helped along the way, maybe carried at times.

You can do it, good read.Thank’s!!

[size=150]This getting old kinda sucks.


Yep. It ain’t for sissies. Hang in, Clay. You’re doing what it takes to get back…

very good to hear!

Agree on the getting old is not for sissy’s.

I was off my feet for a couple of months and it sucked. You don’t appreciate mobility until you don’t have good mobility.

Take care of yourself Clay. And continue to listen to the Doctor and Jean Ann.

Blessings and prayers my friend.

Getting old stinks for sure. Looking at the flowers from the top is a benefit as well.
Take care of yourself and i will keep you and your family in my prayers.
The exercises for the knee can wait.

Hang in there, Clay! You just keep doing what the Dr tells you and you’ll be fine. Healing can be slow, especially at our age, and we lose patience. But believe me if that healing process gets interrupted, it can really slow things down. Not to mention the possibility of causing more problems. So, keep your head up and don’t get too impatient. We want you back as much as you want to be back. As in fishing, patience is the key!

Glad to hear your recovery is like the Hogs - you’ll both be in great shape for next season!

Good news, “Fearless Leader”.

ANY visit to the ER is NOT good.

Still missing your thoughts on the pre-game. :smiley:

It’s not what hurts it’s how bad it hurts. Getting old ain’t for sissies

This is going to be dangerous, but I’m going to blame Jean Ann for me missing the pre-game radio last week. I let her sleep in Saturday morning. I need her to unpack my wound, then repack it before I can leave the house. She never sleeps as late as she did Saturday morning. Maybe all this has worn her down. Hopefully, not. Finally I did get her going and got on to the stadium. Then, there was the slow limping walk from the parking lot to the press box. I got to the radio booth about 30 seconds after they were done with the reporter section. I had texted Chuck that I was coming but was running behind. I missed the one before Texas A&M and Alabama. That’s three this year that I haven’t done.

The Texas A&M miss was strange. That was the weekend that the infection got out of hand. But I got up early and to the stadium early. I had two parking passes, thanks to some friends at the Cotton Bowl. They put me in a lot closer to the press box than the media lot. But that is also a pay credit card lot. The scanners that the two entry workers were using broke. You could not pay with cash. And, they held up traffic coming into that lot for almost one hour while they got their scanners going. I guess Jerry needs that parking money.

The tough part on that is that I was one car away from getting into the lot when the scanners broke. I had a pass so I didn’t need to be scanned, but they were not going to let me past the car in front of me. I asked. A deputy sheriff was telling folks in the cars what was going on and advising them not to honk their horns (or else he was going to use his extensive powers). I explained to him that I was going to miss the pre-game radio segment that I always do on the Arkansas network. He just smiled and said to relax and not worry too much about it. There would be another game the next week. Good advice.