OT--TV when away?

If we take a little trip and rent a house with TV, and they surely will not have SEC, how may we get games, either on our ipad or tv if it has roku–and specifically the Miss St game?

If I’m away I use ESPN+ to watch games on my iPad.

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IF you are a current subscriber to a service that provides ESPN such at DirectTV, Dish Network, or ATT-Uverse, then you automatically have access to ESPN3 streaming service. You should have an account you can log in to using your TV Provider account. If not you should look to get that set up. Then like me it doesn’t matter where I am at, I can log in from anywhere and watch via ESPN3.

I regularly do this when I go down and visit my folks. I log in on my laptop and stream the game then plug the laptop into the TV via HDMI and watch it on their 55" TV.

I guess you could do that via a phone or tablet, I just bought a cheap 150 dollar laptop that I use for things like that. Then it doesn’t matter if I can plug it to a tv or anything, just need web access and I can watch the games. It also makes it very nice for capturing a digital copy of the game so I can watch them again and again through the years, but that takes a bit more know how and some specialized software.

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If you have an iPhone and a streaming service (or cable service that affords you access to the ESPN app), you can buy a Lightning to HDMI adapter. We take one and an HDMI cable with us whenever we travel.

We can pull up YouTube TV, Netflix, ESPN, Disney+, and Prime TV subscriptions through apps on our iPhone. HDMI cable into back of TV wherever we’re staying if they don’t have what we want to watch.

Actually, we’ve used this setup for tailgating for years now. All we have to take is our flat screen TV, iPhone, adapter, and HDMI cable.

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