OT: Trouble in paradise

Good question…right off without a cost analysis likely the same sources of financing that supplies the electrical power to an area. The fiber optic installation is either a private investment by ATT, Verizon, etc., or an entity of government (municipal, county, or government sponsored corporation/coop). and

With the increasing frequency and severity of major disruption by storms reinstallation would seem to be a more frequently incurred cost and perhaps a higher cost…particularly as your situation suggest - loss of major power arteries…but I would think even more widespread areas of disruption might occur…such several counties…I suppose something like FEMA might be used for low interest loans but I don’t sense a national mood that would fund FEMA to become a utility investment authority. It seems like the NIL in college sports the changes impacting our daily lives are causing a lot of rethinking.

In the meantime, invest in generator stock

That’s exactly what I did but I went one step further. I have a gas fireplace and I do have a small generator to assist in house stuff. Just plug it into my fireplace fuze box or whatever you call it now, start the fireplace and then move the generator to handle other stuff.

This is why I installed full home Generac in new house we built 4 years ago. We’ve had power outages twice for 3 days at a time…Hurricane Laura was last time it was bad. This thing keeps everything important running but we’ve not tried every circuit and light in the house yet. I don’t want to lose my big freezer with all the deer and fish in it.