OT (though related to Fayetteville, AR)

The first week of September is the annual Best-in-the-West Rib Cook-Off here in Reno. This year we had 21 outfits competing for $20K in prize money, humongous trophies … and of course, bragging rights and priceless free pub.

Many of the teams were from here out west (Nevada, California, Oregon, Idaho, & Montana) … but also quite a few came from back east, including the usual suspects: Memphis, St. Louis, & Texas. The one I was keenly interested in sampling was Porky Chicks BBQ … from Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Tastes are certainly individual preference, but sad to report that Porky Chicks produced some of the worst ribs of the entire festival: undercooked, way too much fat content, and their sauces were so bland that they couldn’t hide the shortcomings of their ribs.

Really disappointing. :disappointed:

Maybe being Hog Fans from Fayetteville they were all for giving a hog a nice suntan but couldn’t abide cooking one to a crisp.


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