OT - This Year's NFR

Each year we have a little talk about this. Being held in Arlington this year due to Covid (back to Vegas next year). Of course, without the crowds, something is missing, but the rodeo itself has just been great. Some of the performances by these guys and gals have been amazing. I think tonight may have been as good overall as I have every seen.

The Cowboy Channel and RFD TV has been caring it live each night from cover to cover and are doing a great job. Since do rodeo and PBR all season, they understand it better.

they also cover the openings which are always just great (the best in sports bar none).

There are two Go Rounds left, Friday and Saturday.

Oh yes, we did not go this year (leaves a whole in our December for sure), but will be there next Lord Willing.

Thanks for the reminder Jim. And for also reminding me that the openings are something to see. Back in the 70’s I participated in many small time rodeos and helped behind the scenes in several PRCA events. From the small time to the big time rodeo people do a good job with the Grand Entries. Always honoring our flag and America with pride and dignity. Rodeo folks are good people.

Been watching both Flint’s show and the Buckle Presentations. There you get to see just how good those folks really are.

The openings this year have just been really special. Always get a lump watching those. Great that they are broadcast so everybody can see them, especially with the mandated small crowds.

Oh yes, they include a prayer in the openings. I find that special in these days when PC says you can’t do that (Too bad!). Of course, I am the last thing from PC.

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Hey LD. Remember Hestand Stadium in Pine Bluff? Enjoyed many a rodeo there…

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Oh yeah. I grew up directly behind Hestand Stadium. I could clearly hear the rodeo announcers from my porch. We would sometimes climb under the fence and find a way to watch the rodeos. Me and my wife eventually were able to compete in that arena. Not the PRCA event but it was still a thrill.

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