OT… this a huge deal for our state … U.S. Steel

When complete it will make the region in our state, So our state essentially, will be the largest producer of steel in North America!



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Big deal, just huge…

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I was talking to my wife about this. The economic impact on that part of the state is huge. All the support jobs in the community and such. It’s great to see.


If it actually happens. There have been other big projects announced for Arkansas that never got beyond the announcement stage. Cautiously optimistic though

I didn’t see in the story how many jobs would be created. Anybody know?

I think they said 900 jobs averaging $100,000 per year.

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Wow! Thanks…

Wow, very big deal. As the expansion of the unit is already underway I’d say there’s a good chance this will occur?

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I think it’s a good chance of happening. I’ve been following this story for a few months. Many of those 900 jobs will probably be filled by outsiders, but the local support system will be a massive boost to the economy. Jobs, taxes, restaurants, hotels.

Awesome impact

I was specifically thinking of a $1.8 billion paper mill that was announced for Arkadelphia but scuttled when we started a trade war with China.

Everyone I speak with feels confident this will come to fruition but it’s never done until production begins. This is big. That will now be the largest steel producing county in the nation. Kudos to the administration and economic development offices for closing the deal. Read this morning that the county is offering to pay 10%, up to $50k, for employee housing if they live nearby.

Might be a stupid question but did Asa have anything to do with this?

Absolutely. The governor is involved in anything this big.

It will be the fourth steel mill in the county, Nucor Yamato, Nucor Hickman, Big River (bought out by US Steel), and now the mini mill announced by US Steel.

I am around some of these folks from Nucor, etc., at Steel Wings Duck Club in most years. (Not last year because of covid.) I am to go to Steel Wings next week and probably this will be discussed. Steel Wings is run by Lexicon Steel from Little Rock.

Need this steel mill & many more businesses with full-time & well-paying employment coming to Arkansas to boost the state economy as it has been an uphill battle to attract outside companies & industries. Hopefully efforts to reduce &/or eliminate state income tax will help to make Arkansas more competitive with TX & TN.


Osceola seems to be a good fit with access to the Mississippi River for shipping and close proximity to I 55 and I 40. Hope it works out for our state.

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Need better education and a broader workforce that is better educated. Not an overnight fix. It’s Arkansas. Substandard public education by and large. But I’m glad that it appears the steel mill is being built.

Not clear on how a personal income tax reduction relates to this investment, corporate revenue taxes perhaps, or reduced tax incentive packages. Thanks for the information on this continued economic growth in NEA.