OT: The oldest police officer in Arkansas

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Positive living. Happy for him. Be well and be safe.

Simply amazing… a 91 year old man doing that job. Good luck, Mr. Smith.

I’d ride shotgun with him.

He discovered that it’s not a job. It’s a calling. Blessings to Officer Smith. I’ll bet many would have preferred going to jail rather than him bringing them home to mom or grandma. I know when I was young I would have rather gone to jail.

Most likely very well respected, seen it all during his years of service. That approach he takes to his job earns a lot of trust in those communities he’s worked.
With all of the distrust and bad publicity of law enforcement these days.
I can just imagine him telling a “an alleged suspect” of some petty crime or worse, what would your grandmother think or say right now about this if she were here, young man or lady!

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