OT: Sweet Sweet Connie passed away

Of the Grand Funk Railroad fame. At age 66. I am dating myself. Met her a couple of times when I was single. Interesting young lady back then.

My son saw her eating at a restaurant just 10 or so days ago. He was surprised to hear the news.

I know exactly who you are talking about. And that’s a natural fact.


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Yeah, Connie Hamzy. Grand Funk Railroad included her in their song “we are the American band”.

Connie was unapologetically who she was, and apparently didn’t change much as she got older.

I think some other band mentioned her in a song too, but I’m drawing a blank. She was also part of a documentary about rock groupies.

Cheap Trick, “standing on the edge”

I’d put the lyrics here but I don’t want to get kicked off the board right before the season. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah I just looked up those lyrics. Not much left to the imagination there…

I had a class with her at UALR in the Summer of 76. Sorry to hear of her passing. R.I.P. Sweet Sweet Connie.

My late friend Steve Cash (a Baum BQ Squad founder) was a huge Grand Funk fan. He attended many concerts, often with his son. His face would light up when he described one of their concerts.

She was a school teacher!

She substituted in LRSD. I don’t think she was ever a full-time teacher.

I always felt sorry for her. I figured she must have some bad self-respect issues or something.


I had lunch with Connie and Clint Black and his band back in the day. It was interesting lunch.

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Connie had ties to Led Zeppelin, the Who, other bands & Bill Clinton. She was supposedly attracted to drummers - Keith Moon & John Bonham. Many of her tales were rebuffed & proven false, so wonder how much is fact or fiction or simply embellished.

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