OT: Star Wars - Last Jedi sucked

Very visually pleasing…but…

Poorly developed characters. Very similar to previous movies in innumerable ways. A lot of plot holes. Not much clarity on many issues of import. Poor acting. Totally unbelievable even by Star Wars standards. Leia flying through space? Rey is a Jedi with 6 hours of training?

The whole thing reminds me of a big budget sci-fi film with little plot (in this case, excepting that imparted upon it by Episodes I-VI).

I grew up with Star Wars. Loved them all except for moderate distaste for Episode I (Jar Jar) and The Force Awakens (blatant rework of previous movies). This may be the last one I see in theaters. Very poor effort.

Force Awakens was New Hope but not nearly as good and this one was worse.

I liked Rogue One quite a bit, but this new trilogy is just bad.

yeah, they had unlimited resources to make this film and they just constantly regurgitated pieces of past Star Wars. Why can’t they come up with a decent plot line that’s not rehash? I don’t know how old you are but I had to realize that I’m about 35 years older than their target audience…

My six year old grandson asked why the lady Admiral waited so long to come up with the idea to blast through the enemy ship to save the last few transports? She watched most of them being blasted out of space before it dawned on her she would be dead too very soon so why not take the enemy with her. Good question.

The suicide blast knocked out thousands of storm troopers standing in formation to watch the execution, knocked the handcuffs off of the two heroes about to be executed, but left only them and the golden armor lady captain uninjured and free to fight again. That was convenient. Sounds to me like it was a lady script writer (no logic but lots of feelings) and we are lucky she didn’t throw in a vampire lover boy or a time traveling Scottish bare chested hero to spice up the story.

Did anyone else notice how half of the casino crowd was Chinese and the new Chinese appearing character with a crush on Fin? Can you tell that potential Chinese ticket sales are a very big target now when they cast their movies?

It tried to be cute.

Nothing cute about it!

I thought I was watching an old Kung Fu movie… It really did suck. I’ve seen it twice like I have all Star Wars movies, and the first time I was excited because of the battle scenes, but the second time when I could focus on the story I walked out. It’s bad.

Gosh, I was going to see it. Guess I’ll still go.

Go see “Darkest Hour” instead. What a great movie about politics and leadership!

I took 4 grandsons (ages 4-10) to see it. They loved it. I’ve never been in to Star Wars so I tolerated it for them. The Luke Skywalker story line seems odd to me. However the ending was okay. And you have to love the music.

I give it a C-.

It is amazing to me that Star Wars goes on like it does. They grabbed ALL of the action fighting cliches from old B movies and almost totally illogically use them:

  1. Samurai sword fighting with light sabres
  2. WW2 fighter & bomber gunner battles (including sound effects as they fly by in the vacuum of space?!?!?! Remember Alien? In space they can’t hear you scream?)
  3. Western gunfighters
  4. WW1 & WW2 trench warfare
  5. In the latest movie, they even have the rebel bombers slowly flying over a space ship (remember all of those ships can maneuver at the speed of light) and DROPPING bombs (anyone ever hear about weightlessness in space) onto the other space ship.

And they throw in some fantasy mysticism (‘may the Force be with you’ or was it ‘may the odds always be in your favor?’) so magical things can happen when “they don’t want to screw at all versus never much anyway” with logic.

I know it is fantasy not real Science Fiction but it is hard to tolerate the idiocy in it sometimes. JMVVVVVHO

Saw Darkest Hour this afternoon. Best movie I’ve seen in a while.

I saw it in IMAX. It was great

If you’re a Comedy person - Jumunji was excellent.

It was between Darkest Hour and All the Money in the World for the Family after Xmas dinner movie. We chose All the Money in the World. Good movie.

I’m old enough to know… that I don’t know everything and I hope I’m wrong again. (concerning my initial feelings about CM) which I never have “bad-mouthed” the guy, I’ve just had a not-so-comfortable feeling at first about this hire. Possibly, that’s what happens when you put your team- spirit heart&soul in the likes of first JLS and then BB. Even a die-hard fan like me tends to get a bit gun-shy. At least BB did direct the team in a spiritual and moral sense and life-lessons of that nature will never fail to lead a man in the right direction. p.s. I personally think they all sucked after the original star wars! WPS!

I work with a guy that is a Star Wars fan. He said it sucked because they tried to insert some politics and appeal to the Chinese.

I don’t know, or care. The only one I have watched is the first one. Watched it at a drive-in in Texas.

On a positive note, Coco is really good.

Just watched it on IMAX 3D and had a great time. I guess if you’re not a huge Star Wars buff like me and the wife you will absolutely love it.

If you are reliant on it’s past episodes you will be disappointed.

I don’t think there is a bigger Star Wars fan than me, and I didn’t like it. I think Disney is getting rid of Lucas. Rain Johnson is helping. He is writing the next Star Wars trilogy. It’s not part of the Skywalker saga, so my guess is the stable boy will be the next Jedi/Hero.