OT: Spending Vacation Time…

I got back last night from deer hunting with my dad, who will turn 80 this spring. One of the twins killed a really nice 8 point and my dad is old school and completely processes the deer himself. So we kept hunting trying to get in front of one of the big deer we’ve seen with no luck and finally needed to process that buck yesterday after closing up and cleaning out our deer stands for the year.

So we butchered and processed that deer yesterday and I was rolling home about the kickoff of FB game and listened on radio. He was happy to have deer meat in the freezer…with plans to catch some wild hogs this week after we set his traps after the hunt yesterday! He’s got a homemade recipe for sausage that he grinds himself off these pigs he catches—amazing and better than store bought sausage IMO.

Anyway, Had full intentions of watching the LSU hoops game but fell asleep at half. Missed my nap yesterday. I don’t see how he does it at 79 years old? Tough old man…bet we both slept like babies last night!


Great to hear about those memories, something you will cherish forever that no one can take. And yes, the generation our Fathers came from is one of toughness and a ‘can do ‘ attitude

Nothing like spending time with dad. My dad left this world in 91. Think about him every day.

I miss my Daddy all the time, but particularly during and after Hog games. He taught me to love the Hogs, baseball, football, and on and on. I really miss calling him to dissect games after they are over. I often think how much he would enjoy having Sam and Muss at Arkansas. (He did get to enjoy the early part of DVH being in Fayetteville.)


Enjoy the time with you dad it passes so fast . ? for board, does anyone have sausage recipes for hogs (wild or domesticated ) and deer sausage.? I have desire to find a good one to have made into brats for summer time cooking on my smokers, etc. I have friends who hunt and are offering to have processor make the brats for me . Just need good recipe, like spicy and hot if anyone has these that they really like.

Cotton, I have a processor do my grilling deer sausage bc I don’t have the right equipment for making stuffed sausage. I get a jalapeño and cheddar flavor AND pineapple with pepper jack flavor. They cut each up into small cubes and mix into their grinder. The key(know the owner) is they add 1/2 deer meat and 1/2 pork butt into the grinder so it’s not so dry(venison is naturally lean and needs some fat).

I will buy a new grinder this off season that comes with a sausage stuffer, so I can do it myself.

Another thought…there are numerous sausage kits online with seasonings and such included.

Lost Dad 20 years ago and miss him everyday, those men from the 30’s knew so much about hunting that has been lost over the years. My brother and I were fortunate to be raised by a hunter & fishermen father that was an ethical sportsman. If you still have your father get out in the outdoors and have fun, plus you might learn something new. Today would have been my fathers ninety first birthday. WPS


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