OT - Speakers at Larry Lacewell’s Memorial Service

Held today in Jonesboro included:
Jimmy Johnson
Barry Switzer
Lucius Selman
Dewey Selman
Joe Washington
Fred Barnett
Houston Nutt
Jerry Jones.

Impressive list.

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Impressive man.


You know you made an impact when a list of people like that show up to pay respects.


Yes sir you do!

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the one man in my opinion who actually gave Arkansas State some respectability and didnt try to overtake the Hogs or put them down…he knew their place in the pecking order

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Not surprised by any from that list.


I met Switzer and Lacewell at Jacques and Suzannes in the 70’s, both knew my dad because south Arkansas football familiarity was strong. Dumas, Fordyce and Crossett in the bar of a French Swiss restaurant. That did not change my opinion to not like Switzer or Lacewell in their then Sooner stature.

IMO, Bennie Ellender was the best there was for AState, he got em Bill Bergey and I think David Hinew despite it being one rung down the pecking order.

Benne Ellender, wow! Now there is a name from the past. Great coach.

As I recall, Ellender left ASWho to become coach at Tulane and didn’t do well there. He should have stayed in Jonesboro, and they should have stayed in FCS. But he was a Loozana boy and a Tulane grad, and I guess I can understand when mama calls you home. He did have one 9-win season with the Greenies and played in the Bluebonnet Bowl. Overall record at Tulane was 27-29.

IMO Guy Kochel (IMO) was the all time best coach at ASU. He coached 7 Olympian’s including Earl Bell. A fellow Pine Bluff native and a friend of my wives family.

I had friends that played for Ellender he was certainly a great coach. As was Larry Lacewell.

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I would say he joined a long line of not doing well at Tulane. 27-29 probably one of the better records for a coach there.

Pine Bluff High? Not born, spent a lot of years in PB. Watson Chapel grad. Still have some property there, it’s for sale! Anybody? :sunglasses:

Good luck selling any property there @goldsurfer My wife was a PB High gal. I graduated from Dollarway on the other side of the tracks. My mom was a Watson Chapel grad and my nephew is in the Administration at Chapel. It’s a sad place from what I grew up in during the 50’s and 60’s…

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I remember when ASU was the track school in the state (Kochel also coached Thomas Hill, Olympic hurdles medalist and father of Dook basketball player Thomas Hill Jr.) and UA track was a complete afterthought. Then they hired a shop teacher named McDonnell, and boy did things change.

ASU also hired Nelson Catalina, who had indifferent results in his 11 years with the Pink Puppies basketball program, although he was their coach for the infamous NIT game that almost got Nolan fired, and won one conference title. I remember Catalina mainly because he helped coach my 8th grade team while he was playing point guard at Ouachita.

You see posters use the term “Must Win” often on this board. Now that was a what I call a must win.

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ASU was never FCS. ASU was NAIA during most if not all of his tenure. That was back when NAIA was much stronger than it is now. ASU moved to D1. After 6-7 years, the NCAA split D1 into 1-A and 1-AA. ASU chose 1-A and went into the wilderness for a decade or so trying to find its way. 1-AA later morphed into FCS. FCS doesn’t really save much money cf. FBS.

Uh, no. ASU won the NCAA College Division national championship in 1970. That’s what became 1-AA and then FCS. Without looking it up, I’m pretty sure ASU made the 1-AA playoffs under Lacewell at least once.

I don’t know who you’re thinking of but it isn’t ASU. Now UALR played NAIA for a while.

From the ASU football Wikipedia page, various things:

ASU joined College Division in 1953, stayed there until 1972. In 1972, College Division went away and ASU played one year in Division 2, before moving up to D-1, where they went 11-0 in 1975. I-AA was created in 1978 and ASU played there until 1991, making the playoffs four times. They moved up to I-A in 1992. I-AA is, of course, now FCS, and I-A is now FBS.

As far as FCS not saving money, their scholarship limit is 63 which can be divided up; FBS is 85 full rides. I looked up the expenses that ASU reports to the federal government vs. FCS power North Dakota State. Sadly, there’s not a lot of difference. Football expenses at ASU were $5.6 million to $5.1 million at NDSU, which does not include scholarship costs. The Bison are getting a lot more bang for their buck and have a lot more trophies in the trophy case.

not much to do in North Dakota while ASU rumbles over to the Memphis scene :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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