OT-Sonic commercial w/ parents & dorky boy saying ----------------

---------------------- “Texas Toast” over and over and over is like finger nails on a chalk board to me and makes me want to never go to Sonic ever again.

Fingernails scratching on chalk board in Jaws
Texas Toast


I hate all the Sonic commercials starting with those two idiots always eating at Sonic together from years back. I never would go to Sonic.

HATE that commercial! My most hated though is still Limu Emu. Curious if any of you have seen the highly offensive LUME ads…just awful.

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I agree Jeremy. I can’t change channels quick enough!

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I go enough for both of us.


Eat a lot of Texas Toast do you?

Did the patty melt once. Pretty good.

Like to support local businesses. The owner is a good lady.

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It is not her fault they have obnoxious commercials.

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I’m sure they’ve done market research and for some reason the commercials work.

The two guys wore on me but I didn’t sweat it.

There is a science to commercials. A bad commercial is one you enjoy so much you fail to notice who is being advertised. A good commercial is one that annoys you enough that you don’t forget the sponsor but doesn’t make you so annoyed you refuse to support that sponsor. Texas Toast crossed that line about a mile past tolerable for me.

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Guess I haven’t paid much attention to the TT one. Don’t eat much TT but love it.

Worst commercial airing has to be Jimmy JJ walker hawking that medicare hotline. That is the proverbial nails on a chalkboard.


With three kids under the age of 4, you don’t spend much time watching television that isn’t animated. I don’t know if I could tell you two commercials that are in rotation right now, but I can tell you a lot about Peppa Pig and Go Dog Go — maybe so much that it drives you to watch a Sonic commercial instead.


I have three grandsons ages 10, 7, & 4. Their favorite all-time book and mine too for me to read them is “Each, Peach, Pear, Plum” by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. It is a cardboard picture book that is a take-off from the Mother Goose Rhymes. The drawings have a “where is Waldo” connection to the next rhyme on each page. Tom Thumb is “in the cupboard” while you “spy” the Three Bears in the window. That leads you to “Three Bears gone a hunting, I spy Baby Bunting.” All of the characters from Robin Hood to Jack & Jill to Cinderella end up on a blanket in an orchard having Mother Hubbard’s Plum Pie. The drawings are terrific. Best children’s book ever written. If you can pry yours off of technology, it is a great book to read them. JMVVVVVVHO

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Thanks for the suggestion. My two oldest love to have books read to them. Jack, the oldest, is in the early stages of reading. We’ve been working with him on sounds letters make. He is reading some short words and this morning he did something that made me think he’s ready for more.

There is a song called “Waxahachie.” He told me he wanted to listen to it, took my phone, clicked a few buttons and it started playing. It’s the fifth or sixth song on the album, so I wanted to know how he found it. He told me it was because he knew what the word looked like.

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Enjoy them all you can. Don’t blink too much. They will be ignoring you and going to the prom before you know it.

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It worked! Sonic got folks to remember their commercial away from the TV. That increases the chances you will remember them when hungry and out driving around.

Its just like the national news - if they get you to pay attention they consider you hooked.

Texas Toast. Kid might be a cynical UT football fan, too :slight_smile:

I read that the “Texas Toast” bunch are an actual family and not actors. (I think it was a message from the Sonic app.)

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