OT: Some people better get ready

I believe the reaction on this board was almost universally negative when Beth Mowins called one of our football games on TV a couple of years ago.

Well, word has come out that Beth will be doing a Monday Night Football game on ESPN in September, on that first weekend when there are two MNF games. She will be working with former Jets-Bills coach Rex Ryan. The game itself is Chargers-Broncos, so there would be some Hog interest with Hunter Henry and Darius Philon on the Chargers roster (I almost typed San Diego roster, but no more SD in the NFL).

Since it’s the late game, you can always go to bed early if you just hate hearing her voice, I suppose.

I watch one Monday Night Football game per year: when the Cowboys are required to play. And I have never watched that late game the first weekend.

I suspect there are many like me, possibly changing out the Cowboys for whoever is their team. MNF isn’t near the draw it used to be, especially since it moved to cable and people started cutting the cord. The games typically are not appealing.

If the Pats keep picking up Razorbacks and they make the final roster, they will become my team. I wish RM was still there.

I quit watching MNF once Cosell, Meredith & Gifford were no longer calling the games. However, I’m not a big fan of pro sports–NFL, NBA or MLB. To the extent I follow them, it’s almost always because of any Razorbacks on their rosters.

Poor Beth. She works hard at her craft. She’s professional and knowledgeable. I want to like her. Then there’s that voice. If I had any interest in a MNF game it wouldn’t be a problem though. I can just as easily watch any sporting event with the sound off as I can with it on.

It’s the voice. Irritating (at least to me). It has nothing to do with her gender.

I feel the same way about Dickie V. His voice makes my skin crawl. Not to mention his idiotic remarks. Beth does a great job calling the games. But that voice…

That was the best of MNF. I would probably watch old MNF games of that crew if they replayed them.

It is not just Dickie V’s voice (which is annoying), but his attitude and worship of all things ACC.

I actually like Beth Mowins. I think that she does a very good job and I enjoy her calls. Some of the complaints that I read seem to be just that she is a woman and couldn’t possibly know enough to call a game.

Can’t remember the last time I watched a Monday Night game. Honestly, the only football games I watched last year were Dallas-Green Bay in the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Not nearly the NFL fan I used to be. If it weren’t for playing fantasy football with friends, I would be very out of touch with what the landscape of the league is.

Does anyone remember early ESPN anchor Sharon Smith? She was as good as it got. Just silky smooth, pleasant, knowledgeable and upbeat but understated. Always kept the focus on the stories she was covering, and not herself. A true pro. If Beth Mowin’s voice sounded like Sharon Smith’s, I would pay extra to hear her call games.

I like her just fine. She’s a good announcer, better than lots of men.

And, I love the NFL. Not as much as college football, but not too far behind.


I’m worn out by Monday night. I go to bed early. I haven’t seen one all the way to the finish in years. I think there have been some that I thought were over – and went to bed – that weren’t over. I found out about it the next day. I don’t think she’s bad. She’s decent. But she isn’t MNF caliber in my opinion. This is a mistake. They will get ratings back of her game. They won’t be good. And, I am guessing she doesn’t do any next year.

She is awful. I can’t stand to watch her do college games.

I am a woman and I really don’t like women doing football games. I just think they should stick to games they have played. Just my opinion.