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Russellville just won the 6A State Championship Quiz Bowl carried on AETN. My Grandson Hyden is on that team and made the All Tourney State Team. He is the first Sophomore in AR to do so in 6A according to some.

To say I am proud is a big understatement. Both his younger brothers are pretty decent football players, but Hyden greatly excels in this stuff which I think is far more important.

I often go watch his brothers do things with a ball, but never want to leave him out. Amazing. I could not answer hardly any of those questions. All kids on both teams (Benton was 2nd) are so smart.


Congrats. Definitely positive and gives you added hope for his future.

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Aloha Jim,
Congrats my dear friend. Glad to hear the smart genes and stellar work ethic in your family have reached your grandchildren. May they continue to be passed down!
UA…Campus of Champions


That’s my buddy. He has been to Dry Run Creek with me. Awesome.

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Congratulations Jim. Sounds like he’s a chip off the old block.

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Good for this young man Jim! As I reminded my boys often, how far you hit a ball or how fast you run matters little in life for most of us. Applying your God given intellect in life is what matters and will help make the world a better place.


Quite the achievement - congrats. The young man just made history.

That’s a great achievement! A funny story about my son Alex - he was a 6’3” 250# OL in HS when he advance to the national history bee competition held in Chicago. Talk about a funny sight - him standing next to the other competitors, kids primarily Asian Americans or Indian Americans that averaged 5’ nothing! Needless to say he was knocked out in the semifinals, but was so proud of him getting there!

Thanks. Hyden is very tall as well.

As a very general statement, Olinemen are very smart. They have to be to do what they do mentally on each play. A few years ago, the media guide had the player that had a degree on the front page. They were mostly if not all Olinemen. Does not surprise me at all about Alex.

the smartest person I know made All American as an O Tackle at Utah State and played the same in the NFL. When he go through, he got his PHD and founded his own company. I still do some contract work for them. Scott is 6’7" and well over 350.

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