OT: Some fishing pieces from previous months

I wasn’t sure where these pieces I wrote had appeared, but someone forwarded me the links. These were both written in the last couple of months. The first details a trip I took this summer. The second was an first-person account of a fishing tournament. Some may have wondered because I mentioned that I had written these pieces.

Note: I also wrote a long piece on my elk hunting adventure with Jim. That piece got lost in email hell, along with the photos. I forwarded it again. That piece should be on line in the next few hours and I’ll include that link here, too.


Those are some great times for you I know, that’s exactly what you hope you can do when you retire. Next time work on your casting when you can throw those things out there in the tough spots and you will be rocking and rolling.

The elk hunt sounds like it was very fun but challenging. I have never “ridden” a horse I have gotten on one and it walked a walking trail LOL when we first got there and we’re about to get on the horse the guy said do you need any help and I said heck no I’ve seen Bonanza LOL he just died laughing. I’m glad it was just a walking trail because I came in short pants and we were going white water rafting after that he was like “you should have wore you some blue jeans” lol. I’m sure he was probably right had that rascal took off and did more than walk… it was still fun for me because I came away with an incredible respect for those animals who gently walked down those steep hills with rocks all in the path and it was on a day where it rained the night before so it was a little bit slicker than normal I would imagine.

My casting is pretty good. I just wasn’t going for the tightest spots.

When I’m running the boat with Louis Campbell we don’t do that because it kills the bank for 75 yards if you turn on motor to dive in bushes for the fly. The guides don’t mind. That’s their job. You have to let them do their job. If you hang up a hopper in a limb, they will go get it.

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