OT: Snowing on the coast this morning

White stuff actually sticking to the ground in Wilmington, NC, and at my son’s place outside Myrtle Beach. Very, very rare. I remember the Myrtle Beach marathon was canceled in 2010 because of snow in February, but this doesn’t happen much. They said at that time it was the first time Myrtle had had measurable snow in a decade.

Reminds me of my time in Southeast Texas. I was down there for 14+ years and it snowed once – on Christmas Day when I was back in Arkansas with my family. So I didn’t get to enjoy the white Christmas. Getting to see this one though.

My cat wanted to go out this morning. I opened the balcony door, she stuck her nose out, saw the snow and felt the wind, and headed back in. Smart cat.

It snowed on us driving to the mountains last Friday, so this is two snowfalls in eight days. Glad I don’t have to drive anywhere until Tuesday morning.


I remember when I was married… two times it snowed in Fort Worth Texas on Christmas Eve I believe we were there visiting my wife’s sister… pretty cool… it would have been around 14 15 years ago

Same storm that gave us a dusting is really clobbering the Northeast. Basically a blizzard up there.

Went to the Final Four in New Orleans in 1987. Saw a guy you might have heard of :smile:, Keith Smart, hit the winning shot in the National Championship game for Indiana. And it snowed in New Orleans that weekend. For the first time in 100 years.


We drove to Florida New Years Day for our annual January in the RV trip (while listening to the Outback Bowl online). I only had about 3 days wearing shorts due to cold/windy weather. This week we’re in Navarre Florida woke up to 30 degree weather with 12 MPH winds today. Headed home tomorrow, it’s been a weird month in Florida.

Snow in New Orleans? That’s voodoo stuff.

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Sun came out after the snow stopped and it’s already gone. Oh well it was nice for three hours or so.

My son, granddaughter, and his fiancé in Central Park this morning (can’t turn them right side up)


I fixed that for you. —MB C

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Yeah Central Park and points north and east aren’t going to melt anytime soon.

On the big snowfall in SE Texas, same thing happened to us Swine! We lived in League City and had returned to La. for Christmas with the family! I believe that it snowed ~7"

Yeah I was in Pearland that winter, which was 2004. According to a story I just looked up, Houston itself didn’t get snow officially but areas just south of the city did. Since I lived less than a mile from the Houston/Pearland line, I suspect the south fringes of the city got snow.

I remember 2 snows on the bayou when I went to grad school in New Orleans. I had already started my population genetics study of speckled trout and it’s kin when the marsh froze in 1983. Generations of LA/MS fish died that was dire for an already overfished redfish due to K Pauls blackened redfish craze that struck the nation. I had work to assess the similarity of La fish and Tx or Fl fish who escaped the freeze. Good news was that they were very similar and no wipe out was imminent. Cold weather does rarely hit south La. There is a pretty clear line of demarcation of where orange trees are subject to dying from freeze which is now south of Orlando.

They said the 1987 snow was the first one in 100 years for New Orleans. But while it is still rare, it has happened several times since then.

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