OT- snow updates

Just curious how the snowfall situation is in the area you live in.
Here where we are, outside the town of Cotter, we have had snow falling since about 12:45. Not much accumulation so far. Ground is lightly covered and the road is covered.
Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be the heaviest snowfall.

It’s coming down pretty good in WLR. The ground isn’t covered but at this rate it won’t take too long.

About 1.5 to 2 inches at 5:30 in Norfork.

It’s just barely above freezing where I am in NC, and that’s a good thing. Because it’s been drizzling here for almost 48 hours. If it was five degrees colder we might have 6-8 inches of snow, and I’m told NC drivers don’t handle snow any better than Arkies.

Started a light, fluffy snowfall around 2am here in Arlington TX with a good stiff wind out of the North. Supposed to continue to 4am Monday. Driving my car was no problem, spent my work day taxing AA aircraft around DFW. Can confirm that taxing aircraft in these conditions was much more challenging.

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Drivers around NWA have no clue. There was a couple going too fast for conditions and they crashed, killing both. I’m staying home.

Shirt sleeve weather here in Las Vegas. Maybe a sweater.

DFW is crazy. 3 inches, maybe 4 now. Going to 5-6 inches. 12 degrees. 25 mph wind. No one here is used to this. City will be shut down tomorrow. Although the streets are like driving in fluffy sand. No big deal.

Just drive home from work in LR, must be AT LEAST 0.25 inches. Storm of the century!


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Sacramento, Ca been about 65 all week

Roads are getting white here at 8:50 in Nacogdoches, TX. Its a mix of sleet and freezing rain. It will be bad here tomorrow. They thought the 4-6 inches of snow a couple of weeks ago was bad. They aint seen nothing yet.

This is kind of funny. The thread said “snow up dates.” That would mean if you have snow, provide an update. I see that we don’t have snow in Las Vegas and Sacramento. You guys are having fun rubbing it in. :grinning: I’d throw a snow ball, but it’s a long way to get it in your time zone.

That’s ok. It was kind of an open-ended question. I really was directing this to the Hawg family that was directly affected by this winter storm.
I understand if they want to have a little fun. We have a big family all over the country.

Right here at my house it is 20-25 below, but only 2" of new snow (need a whole, whole lot more - several feet would be good). Was working in the mountains yesterday with 6" to 12" along my I-70 drive from Vail to home along side of about 15,000 of my closet friends. No big deal. Just a normal drive home. That is why they make snow plows and 4 wheel drives.

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Especially 4 wheel drive!!

Aloha Clay,

I played a round of golf today. At least nine holes. Went out with a 49 and came in with a 39 for an 88. 84 degrees, 90% humidity and no wind. Must have lost 10 pounds of water weight walking the course and carrying my bag. Was totally wiped out at the end. Came up short on my birdie putt on 18. Yikes!


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Joy, Arkansas it’s about 20 degrees and it started snowing here today about 130 pm. We have about 2 inches of snow. We live on top of Joy Mountain and we already had ice from round 1.
If you don’t have a 4 wheel drive out here you better stay home and parked.
The county road we live on on has a huge hill to encounter in both directions so a few of the neighbors got together and went to town Thursday and bought salt to put on the hills. To hopefully get the ice gone before the snow. Now we will wait on the snow to end Thursday and hit the hills again with salt. Once you get to the main highway it should be passable. Those folks that can’t handle driving with some common sense don’t need to get out this week!
God bless you all and be safe.

2 inches in Mountain Home with more on the way.

Here outside Fort Smith Arkansas it started about 7am Sunday morning and been at it off and on all day. It is currently 3:am Monday and its still coming down. I cannot tell you how many inches it is since I’ve not stuck my head outside since Saturday afternoon. It cold and covered here. Hard to tell the road from my yard… just a big flat white horizon as far as I can see.