OT? Smoking Pig Recipes

We’ve caught several wild pigs on our lease and my land in south Arkansas and I’ve got a perfect one for my ceramic smoker. I’ve smoked just about a lot of different stuff so want to try something new. Any suggestions out there? Thinning the population on our deer land and stands.

A whole pig will fit on your ceramic cooker? Are we talking like a BGE or equivalent?

Buy a good meat grinder and some casings and make sausage out of it. I’ve shot pigs and eaten the loins/back strap. Just ok. Not great.

You might try injecting a ham with a pink salt solution and letting it cure for a while, then smoke it. I’ve never been impressed with wild pigs. Not great table fare IMO.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Edit: something like this for sausage — I think the sausage would be really good:


I’ve got a XL Kama do Joe. This pig is about 50 pounds so it’ll fit. If not, I’ll halve it.

We’ve already got a couple good fat sows and are grinding them tomorrow into sausage. My dad has a great Sausage recipe and has it down to almost perfection. These smaller pigs seem better for smoker. Just want to try it he see. I’ve done Boston’s butts and shoulders and ribs, but not a whole one.

May just reach out to Couple of my Cajun friends. They seem to know how to cook ANYTHING!

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I have a Kamado Joe XL and the biggest thing I have cooked on it is a 20 pound turkey (using the Joetisserie rotisserie). It was a snug fit. I would be glad to hear how you were proposing to get a whole 50 pound hog on it.

Kamado Joe is a good cooker. Bring that pig up and we’ll put it on my stick burner. :slight_smile: There are some good you tube videos out there on how to do it.

If it’s a bore, not worth messing with. Sow might be ok.

My neighbor killed 7 on his hunting property near Cozahome last week.

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My wife agrees. If it’s male, not worth messing with. If it’s female, now you’re talking. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Boars=coyote meal!

I’ll take a pic after I smoke it tomorrow or Sunday(depends on what time I get back from camp). We’ve killed 19 hogs thus far and not made a dent in them. I woke up to game cameras full of hog pics this morning. I am sick of them tearing up food plots and eating all our feed. Planning to set traps this afternoon to get rid of some more. A lot of folks around Crossett will be blessed with sausage or pig meat this weekend.

I have BGE and have done a portion of sow once. My advice is to inject it with marmalade to keep it moist and do it longer at lower temp (225-250tops). Meat is tuff and without too much natural flavor as it is influenced by what the pigs ate.

I agree that good sausage is best way to go. Can cook as brats if made into links. Also tempted to say it is like eating IMO pizza here in St Louis. It is favorite of locals but my take is you order one in box take it home, throw away the pizza and eat the box.

Edited: Bet T,Burks has a good recipe :grinning:


Years ago Daddy had a sign made for his apartment. He asked my opinion of naming it “Boar’s Nest”. I told him only if he spelled it b-o-r-e. He did and put it up just that way.


I wouldn’t inject marinade it but I would mop it. Check out Tootsie’s mop sauce. I’ve made it and it’s great. I know you’re doing a small pig and not pork steaks but generally speaking, I think pork has enough fat in it not to inject anything, even wild pig.

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That looks like good sauce for pork. Will keep it for next round of pork. Thx

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