OT: smoking delicious

This was probably my favorite work on the Weber bullet smoker. Thanksgiving was great.

Gage brought the chops for the top rack. I prepared the two chickens for bottom rack.

Gage carved them. The chickens were cut in chunks. awesome. The pork was outstanding.

The chickens went on at 2 pm. The pork went on at 2:45. The pork came off at 5:15. The chicken at 5:45. We ate at 6:15.

The key is keeping smoker at 225 and pulling meat at perfect temps. It was juicy and all correct.

We fed 11 and there was not much left. That’s when you know it was cooked right. Lots of goodness with the sides. Props to the ladies for deserts, too. Banana pudding was my favorite.


And why were we not invited?

A true cook loves to cook, you fit.

Mouth watering

Looks yummy. Love a smoker

Clay that looks great. I have a charcoal Weber and my problem is I can’t figure out how to keep it close to 225 degrees. It moves around between 200 and 250 / 275.

The key is to put it in a place where you can control the wind, especially the way wind enters the vents. That being said, you can usually get the vents set to control the temps. Air temps are sometimes an issue. This was a calm Thanksgiving with 50 degree temps. No issues to really battle. I start the fire early. It will burn hot for 30 minutes and then the temps will come down and usually be consistent. It was 300 in the first 10 minutes after putting on the lid. Stayed there for a bit. I closed the top vent, closed the three bottom ones to half. Got it to 250 almost immediately, then closed the one to the wind side a little more and it was 225 for about four hours.

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That rack of pork looks amazing, kinda funny, I just bought one of those a couple days ago. I’ve smoked a lot of meat, but never one of those, what temp did you pull that at? I see you said 225 for 2.5 hrs? Also did you just season it and let it cook or what. I can’t wait to cook mine

Get one of these if you don’t have one:

If the middle, thick part of that pork loin reads about 145-150 I think it’s done. Some folks say go to 165 on pork but it’ll come up to temp if you take it off at 145. I think 165 is too much for pork anyway.

Since you’re not really needing to go low and slow on this cut of meat, I’d say you could cook at 275 as long as you monitor the internal temp.

I love smoking and grilling. Great fun. Clay’s looks great.

Thanks hawgjaw, I smoke a ton of meats, got a couple different smokers, just never have done a rack of pork before, but Sunday I saw one at the store and thought this could be great to smoke, then bam, Clays got one on his smoker

Looks Great!

I pulled it off at 135. It will continue to come up. It was brined over night in preparation. It also served to baste the chickens.

Jeremiah Gage is my coach. He is a great pit master. He smokes a lot of meat. I take my cues from him.


Yes, I was going to say on that cut 135 would do it. I’ve put a pork butt over a Turkey before as they were smoking and it was so good!

Gage instructed me to stay close when it gets to 125. It’s gonna go to 135 quickly.

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He is correct. I’ve messed up a few steaks wanting to pull at 125 but not having my pan handy, running back in to get it and then i come back out and they are 135. I make sure all that is ready now well before it’s getting close to pulling anything off the grill or smoker.

Like a 50/50 salt- sugar brine? Over night or several hours on that brine

I’m in on 135. Agree. And I bet the brine was great.

Add some maple syrup to your pork brine, in addition to sugar. The salt is the key though.

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Got a Traeger 870 this summer. I’m still learning and enjoying trying new things.

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Oh heck, you went pellet grill. Now I’m really going to talk some crap! Did it come in the pink easy bake oven color? :wink: :rofl:

Oh no. The mauve color really looked better to me. :rofl:

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