OT: Small World (Connor Noland)

So this morning my wife & I were paired with a father/son twosome. The son saw my Razorback golf bag and asked if I followed baseball. I told him only college; specifically, the Arkansas Razorbacks.

He asked if I knew Connor Noland. I said, well yeah … he’s our Friday night ace. Turns out, this kid and Connor played high school baseball together … before Connor moved to Arkansas.

Say what?

Caught me by surprise because I always thought Connor was a born-and-raised Arkansan. Turns out Connor lived for a time right here in Reno, NV. In fact, his parents still live here. He moved back to Arkansas to live with relatives for his final two years of high school as part of his dream to play both baseball & football at a high D1-level university, of which Arkansas was the biggest-name university recruiting him for both. (Many of you probably knew this; but was news to me.)

Anyway, this kid played his college baseball here at UNR. He had lots of good stories of a young Connor Noland, as well as many interesting tidbits on Coach Muss (was a walk-on).

Lastly … the kid carded a better round from the tips than I did from the senior tees.

Getting old sux. :disappointed:

Nevada Sports Network


Did he say what Connor’s handicap was on the course? Or if he even golfed at all.

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Not specifically. Though apparently Connor was pretty decent on the course without “even trying.” His thought was that had Connor devoted himself to golf, he could’ve played at the high D1 level.

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