OT: second day at Fly Shop

Settling into fly shop gig. This is my second Monday. I have run a shuttle and fixed a reel. Tying flies now.


Hopefully you’ve mastered the coffee making thing…. :wink:

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Yes. Coffee was great. I’ve also sold some flies.


Maybe I need to get Danny Reeves to stop by with some Oatmeal Crème pies…. :joy:

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Cotter has a bear sighting. Actually two!

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Great application of those journalist skills. Unlike the Baum Racoon with eleven thousand in attendance texting, the Cotter bears likely need exposure and maybe this will go viral. With this level of Fly Shop activity on the first day, you might want to pace yourself. And on those curvy roads hold on the texting while running the shuttle, particularly at bear crossings!! The future seems bright!!! :grinning:

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Do you have to wear a tie at the fly shop? Might be time for an updated avatar, Clay. Maybe find one of you standing in the river fishing.
As Bob Seger says, “turn the page.” Congrats on your new career.

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I tie flies. I don’t tie ties. I’ll get a pic of me in front of fly shop next week. Only work on Mondays.

Playing golf today. 11:20 tee time. I had radio 7-9 am.

I’m still doing some things but not nearly as much.


started to stop by on monday the 16th as i had to run to Mountain Home for some dog food and stuff the wife ordered from Lowe’s,but didn’t as she just came home from the hospital on Saturday the 14th and needed to get back home to her,she’s doing much better but recovering from pneumonia is not an easy thing in heat and humidity that takes your breath away

This thread makes me smile. It reminds me of when I worked for my family’s sporting good store in Crossett as a kid in the summer. I got to hear all the fishing stories and where they were catching them(so me and buddy would go later that day) plus I got to clean and play with all the new guns on display every week. I was up early each morning that summer but was well fed…my aunt would go get us biscuits and gravy from the local cafe before she came into the store!

I wear my Orvis grey modern camo hoodie with Kuhl Revolt Jeans. So comfy. Usually wear a camo hunting cap. I tie flies on a TV dinner stand sitting in a boat chair. Not a great set up.

I gotta get some music playing in that shop. I’ve got some portable Bluetooth speakers. I’ll bring em next week.

Ease in to the retired life, it only gets better with time. Enjoy hearing your updates.

I love waking up and wondering what time it is.

I gotta set the alarm to be there at 7 am Monday. That may eventually lead to the end of that job. My wife has been retired 4 years. She sleeps until at least 9 am. Then she does projects until dark. She re-does furniture for a flea market booth near Gassville called the Lazy Dog. She is not lazy. She just starts late.


If you happen upon those bears again, do NOT contemplate starting a side hustle as a bear rassler.


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