OT: Rough night at Casa SF

Hurricane Isaias came onshore last night about 45 miles southwest of where I sit in Wilmington and barreled through here starting after 11 pm. My power went out at 11:52 pm and came back on at 8:00. The entire hotel was shaking in the wind, which was roaring outside my window. Really scary. NWS at the Wilmington airport reported maximum gusts of 64 and I’m not sure I didn’t see stronger winds than that outside my window. But no damage to me or my vehicle.

Fortunately my phone was fully charged so I was able to keep touch with people and check on NWS updates (there were several tornado warnings in the area as well). I understand there were some fatalities elsewhere in NC last night from tornadoes spawned from Isaias.

glad you are okay, praying for the others that have been affected.

Jeff H.

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Darkness in storms with tornadoes spawning is no fun. Hang tough Jeff.

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I’m good now. Blue skies, Isaias is well to the north of me. Waiting for a phone call about a job near my son in South Carolina.

Thanks for the update Swine. Glad to hear you’re ok and Isaias has moved on through.

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We braved a tropical storm on the beach (in our RV) in Destin a couple of years ago. Winds were gusting at 50 mph. That was actually not brave. It was dumb.

Glad you’re okay Jeff. That stuff is scary.

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Got the phone call which went well. That hospital also went through the storm last night but no major issues. It’s just a few miles from my son’s place outside Myrtle Beach.

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Terrible feeling when nature is pelting you and you never really know how bad it might get and when it will pass. Being without power magnifies the uncertainty. I hate it when the power goes out.
Glad you have come through this in one piece. Be safe and stay well.

Conway, Grand Strand, Georgetown or Waccamaw?

I’m glad that you came through the storm with no damage.

My son lives in Pawleys Island. The hospital is in Murrells Inlet. To be precise it’s 10.4 miles from my son’s apartment.

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You & family stay safe & hunkered down on high ground!

Loved life near the Coast per growing up in Houston until hurricane seasons, torrential rains, & floods drove me inland & out of harms way.

My son was at work during the storm, came through fine. I spent 14 years in Beaumont, Galveston and Pearland so all too familiar with Gulf Coast weather, Evacuated twice and both times the storm turned north into Louisiana and we got virtually no weather at all. Evacuating really wasn’t an option here and there was no evac order anyway.

I hear that Isaias is now pounding the New York metro area with more than 1 million people without power, and a death in NYC due to a falling tree. That was a bad storm, and still is evidently.

Most weekends were at Crystal Beach & Galveston for 40 yrs. Houston flooding was always bad but much worse after '99 & too many people there to evacuate. Attended so many Hog games there vs UH, aTm, & Rice during SWC days. Much easier drive now from DFW to NWA especially with son at UofA.

East Coast seems to get most of the hurricanes in recent years.

Glad you were spared the worst

One of my favorite places. Family vacations at Murrells Inlet in the 80’s were off the charts fun (caught lots of flounder - my dad caught an 8 #er that looked like a trashcan lid - and we seined fresh shrimp). Best fresh seafood meals ever! Pawley’s Island golf courses are incredible!

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