OT: Reviewed Hank Wilson's book on fly fishing

This is obviously off topic, but I had so much fun reading Hank Wilson’s book on fly fishing the White River that I had to reveiw it. Hank was the number one fly fishing guide at Gaston’s for about 40 years. He’s retired now, but still going strong.

Enjoyable read! I like the OT stuff.

Fascinating Clay, even for guys/gals that don’t fly fish. Maybe you have a book inside you about your fishing experiences. I’d buy it.

I may self publish a book on fly fishing some day. It will be a good January/February project. Probably lose money but it would be a fun project and we all can use fun sometimes.

I’m less enthused about adding to the book my dad wrote with Jim Bailey, although I own those rights.

I would only do either of those after I’m retired.

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Their money will go a long way in Belize. Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua are all beautiful in weather and fresh foods. No language barrier in Belize. I am so ready to travel. Get my second shot tomorrow.

Hank got back from Belize last night. They found a place to live and a builder for a hurricane safe beach house. He is renting an apartment inside a million dollar home on beach (owned by builder) while their home is built. Rent is $200 a month. Lot is $30,000. Construction cost much less than what it would be here. Materials reasonable. His home here is sold. Needless to say, he’s gone. Will be in a gated community with ex-pats.

In my bucket list was “A River Runs Through It” experience. I finally got to do it in Thermopolis, Wy I hired a guide for a full day of fly fishing 101, lunch included. We fished the Little Big Horn River.

The first fish I caught, he took it and pulled out a medicine syringe and sucked the contents out of the fish’s stomach. He pulled a fly out of his tackle box and said “this is what they are feeding on today”.

I fished all day and can see why some people get addicted to it. Interestingly, the hard part is not the casting-that was easy. The hard part is getting the fish in the boat with a pencil thin leader and 6 pound test line and a hook with no claw. That’s the challenge of fly fishing to me.

I have not had the heart to pump their stomach. I’ve seen it done. I have looked down their throat to check for a meal consumed just before I caught them and it can be a pretty good clue.

I do know how to turn over rocks or check moss.

Fished for two hours from 6:15 to 8:15 this morning behind my house on the Norfork. Didn’t need to pump their stomachs. Caddis were popping off the water and they would hit a caddis pupae sub surface. No big ones, but lots of fun battles. All rainbows.

Oh, the jealousy.

I am working on a column now on Kevin Kopps. May have time to hit the golf course before dinner. Fishing in the morning, golf in the afternoon. I sound like Frank Broyles: I’m living a dream life.


Good for you, Clay. I mean that.

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