OT: replica of my big rainbow

I wrote about catching a 27.5-inch rainbow at Bull Shoals Dam two years ago. Finally decided to ask Duane Hada to paint a replica mount for my fly tying room. Got it back today. Duane is a GREAT outdoor artist and this is a wonderful piece. He posted a picture on Facebook. But here it is in its new home. He gave me a 1/2 inch so it’s 28. He said the plastic mounts come in even numbers and he was not going to make it 26!


That’s cool.

Very nice…

Beautiful rainbow trout and mount

Clay, that is a great piece of work. The rainbow, the location in what I can tell is a GREAT new home.

I can’t write a 5 page essay. But I can build a great commercial building, baseball fields, 1800 to 7000 sq feet home fit for the best of show. Just those pics show me, quality. I can smell the dirt as you chalk the perfectly smooth baseball field. Or the true quality of work such as the parade of home, showcase house.

That’s what I see.

Jean Ann gets the credit. Love it here.

We are approaching the 3-year mark as Norfork residents.


Bottom picture shows garage we added on right. Then the way the back porch looked before we added a sun room/den/fly tying room and a grilling porch. There is still some painting left to do. Trim on addition to be white. Siding has been primed but will be painted to match rest of house. Scaffolding in place to begin painting. Hired painters will do it. I’m
Not climbing scaffolds.

Love it. Im itching to move into a bigger home to have a dedicated fly tying room.

Glad you have some teenage kids nearby to mow that yard for you. That’s be rough on me.

Beautiful home in beautiful setting! Congratulations.

Beautiful setup, Clay. And I love the replica. Awesome. Not sure I recall you catching that one.

Here is the column I wrote about big rainbow. I’ll add the picture from the net. The one pictured is with sun behind me and does not show the brilliant color. But the shot from net does.


A fish in a net curls and this is a deep big net. A fish just under 28 inches is massive. Stunned me when we held it up and it was longer than the net. Louis Campbell helped measure it. He’s a stickler to measuring big fish.

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Love your home Clay. We moved into our retirement condo about three years ago too. If we didn’t have kids/grands here I’d be tempted to move in that area of the state. Always loved my visits there.

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