OT - Received a pretty bad diagnosis this am

Total avulsion of the hamstring tendon. Surgeon sad it would likely require a graft its so bad. Looks like a very painful experience post-op…Fill me in Swine

I can help! Did not have to have graft thought I would. Took Achilles loose, trimmed bone. Two weeks soft cast, six weeks hard cass, zero weight during this time. Six weeks walking boot, plus lots of therapy. Lengthy recovery period but it worked.

Thanks for the info. Looks as though this will be the toughest recovery that I’ve had to do!

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Keep a positive attitude that’s the most important part of recovery. Put in the work. I’ve had my share of adversity in that regard but no graft yet! Hope I don’t need to have one. God bless you and hope you get through it in flying colors.

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One day at a time, follow doctors orders, stay positive and trust the Lord! WPS

Hate to hear it.
I just got released this AM from my ACL reconstruction, my graft is doing well. Still have a few months of not doing something stupid, but released from therapy everything.

This same day will come for you as well. You will do it.

How long to rehab before dunking?

Glad to hear you are finished Gas, and thanks to everyone for words of encouragement

Good to hear but I did honor you by lower hoop in driveway to 7 feet so I could add to the dunk totals…by have to go to 6.5 feet though

Sorry to hear that, bayou. Stay positive. That’s a big part of the battle.

Where you having surgery and who’s doing it? Good luck

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