OT: Razorbacks of Ossabaw

Previously I posted that we were going on a New Year’s trip to Ossabaw, an island off the coast of Georgia that is mostly uninhabited except for Razorbacks. They are some of the only truly wild ones in the country, since they were brought by the Spanish in the 1500s and because they were on an island have not interbred with domestic pigs. Some of you asked for a report when I got back. I have a hog jawbone that I found, but did not see a live one. Others in my party did see them, including herds of them. There are red Razorbacks on the island, but they did not see that color, just black ones and some other colors. They vary in size from very small to large. Someone on the island we met hunts them to keep the population down, kills about 1700 of them a year. Heard stories about a wild hog being caught by an alligator, who dragged him into the water and then ate him bit by bit over several days. And the refs did nothing to stop it, just like their infamous decisions in the Florida Gators-Arkansas Razorbacks game years ago :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


Good report, thanks.


Interesting thanks

I think I saw an Ossabaw sign on I-95 driving back to Wilmington yesterday. I had missed your previous post, just thought the name was interesting.

Ossabaw was indeed interesting, and not just the name. After spending two hours parked on I-95 driving down to Savannah, we almost decided to take Highway 17 back, two hours longer to Chapel Hill, but at least we’d be moving. But I-95 was not nearly as bad going North. Hope your I-95 luck was good, and Happy New Year!

I-95 was horrible in both directions: in SC going down, in Georgia going back. On the return trip I got off 95 west of Charleston and went up 17 to my son’s house in Pawleys Island, or it might have been even worse, especially considering yesterday’s weather.

Hog stories, solid gold… how big is the island?

It was so bad going down that we were told in Savannah that 17 was bad too since so many people were so desperate to get off the interstate. So we stuck to I-95 going back up and got lucky. When our son lived in Wilmington we did drive 17 from Savannah up to Charleston and then to Wilmington all the way just for the sport of it, and it was nice, but I think they may divert you onto I-95 for small stretches anyway, I can’t recall. By the way, Ossabaw is only available for special events, and the
Foundation has to boat you over there, so if you want to see it, it takes more planning than seeing some other barrier islands.

We figured we lost at least an hour on 95 going down and close to that on the return trip. Google maps says it’s 9+ hours from my house to the hotel where we stayed. With delays and stops for gas, lunch, etc., it was 12+ hours in both directions.

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The island is 40 square miles, but the only inhabited part is the North End, which is a lot smaller than that. The Ossabaw Foundation hosts a New Year’s Eve party, which we went to, and a pig roast sometime in the fall (but they won’t let them serve Ossabaw Island pigs any more, which are prized for their deliciousness, for USDA reasons they now have to get hogs from the mainland), and a few other events including occasional day trips. Anyone can go to what we went to or the pig roast, you go to the Ossabaw Foundation web site, sign up, they provide the boat ride and lodging, you provide the money that goes toward the event and the preservation of the island.

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Thanks, sounds like my kind of trip…

Speaking of bad weather on I-95, I’m hearing some people got stuck in their cars for 15+ hours in Virginia due to heavy snow and truck crashes on I-95 near Fredericksburg last night. One of Virginia’s US Senators is among the stranded motorists.

No snow in New Bern last night but a thick coat of frost on my car and some ferocious wind chill (officially down to 19, felt a lot lower than that).

i hate driving in heavy rain, and that was the forecast for Sunday, so we pondered whether to drive back on Monday instead, but glad we left on Sunday as originally planned. Only one small bout of heavy rain, which caused us to pull off the Interstate, but we were on the move again after 30 minutes. If we’d waited, still rain, plus snow. Not much you can do about snow, and definitely ice is an issue even if you have four wheel drive, and a wreck is a wreck, and wow, 15+ hours, but I-95 is problematic even in perfect weather. Got snow flurries in Chapel Hill yesterday and a coat of snow and frost on my car, but nothing stuck to the road. My son when he was in school here used to go to the bus stop in freezing weather with a short sleeve shirt and shorts on despite our protests, then he moved to Wilmington as an adult and he was cold even when it was 50 or 60 degrees outside. Keep warm.

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I got rained on going up 17 between Charleston and Wilmington. Only real issue I had was a highway intersection north of Myrtle Beach where the road I was on took a sharp kink to the left before the stop sign; it was not well marked, difficult to see after dark/in the rain, and I darn near ran off the road at that kink. Don’t know if I would have done any damage if I had; glad I didn’t have to find out.

No didn’t want that. Kinks in the road that you may have not traveled al are tough. Be off the road in a heartbeat.

My wife and I were reading and discussing the horrible conditions on I-95 and the very real stress it caused in many folks. Hope all managed and eventually got home safely. I hate cold weather.

My wife just filled our three bird feeders and we enjoy seeing all the birds- we have as many as six Cardinals ever so often. The birds are flocking to them again and our sweet kitty wants to go greet them. Warm is good.

We have 3 bird feeders too. And no cats, just one Labrador Retriever puppy. He makes Malik Hornsby look
slow when he runs through the doggie door after the squirrels that gather under the feeders. He caught one once. Said it was delicious.

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That’s fast, instinct takes over. I tell my wife we are lucky we are bigger and smarter than our pets. I hate to think of a cat the size of a Lab or a Chow.

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