OT: Rare play in sports

I was a witness to one of the rarest plays in sports recently. My son recorded an out in a 4-year-old T-ball game.

Before we crown him the next Keith Hernandez, know this: he did not mean to. He was being goofy and standing on the wrong side of first, and a ball came rolling toward him on the fair side of the bag. He fell down to his knees and stabbed the ball, and just happened to be straddling the base. He made sure to look into the stands and yell, “Daddy, I got it!”

I didn’t realize he was on the bag until my wife pointed it out. Neither Jack nor the runner had any clue. The runner got to run the bases and the fun continued.


Great pic. There is no better sport than T-ball. Those are my favorite memories of my children’s team sports lives.

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It’s a blast. My favorite T-ball story with Jack comes from our drive to his first practice in the spring. He asked me, “Daddy, will our practice be on TV?”


Oh, that’s great. I can tell that you are having fun through Jack.

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Enjoy it! I can remember just the other day coaching my son’s first T-Ball team, he is now 31! Time goes so fast!

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Matt, the fun is just beginning. He’s sure a cute youngster.

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As the years go by, that will be a memory you and your son will cherish and look back on with humor!

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