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I know this is further than 4 hours but we love our place in Newton County. We are close enough to the Buffalo to run down for a swim to cool off in the summer and also have the mountains. My favorite time of year here is the winter. In fact, I am here now to do a little work on the drain pipe. Prices of rural property have gone up considerably since the pandemic as people have fled the city.

Me too. People will ask me “do you winterize you cabin for the winter?” I am like, “are you kidding me? I spend more time up here in the winter than I do the summer!”

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Winter in the Ozarks is a misnomer. It has been 60 the last two days. February can be brutal, but December and January are pretty sweet. I love this time of year. The wind is the only thing to consider if you want to be outside. If it’s above 38 (and don’t ask me why I say 38, but it’s my cutoff) with no wind, I’ll be OK bundled up for a few hours outside. Below that number, I don’t consider it.


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