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I’m thinking of looking for a mountain area cabin/small house to buy in Arkansas somewhere? Would like a lake view also if possible. I’m in West Monroe so would like to be within 4 hour drive to take some long weekends. Thoughts?

My thoughts are I’m too poor for this board.



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I would point you to the Northern Ozarks in the Mountain Home area (6ish hours)
Secondary you could go to the Hot Springs area and get into the Ouachita’s (3ish hours)

My wife and I are going to be purchasing acreage in the north-central Ozarks near Mountain Home, so I’ve looked at a lot of property online in that area

There are some nice areas around Heber Springs on Greers Ferry but that may be a little further than 4 hours. Norfork is another hour north.

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> I’m thinking of looking for a mountain area cabin/small house to buy in Arkansas somewhere?

Good luck finding it, HogDoctor. Sounds like a great idea. I hope everybody out there gets to live their dream.

Yes. I have a place on Greers Ferry (and no I am not rich, it isn’t ON the lake, but I can see the lake!). But a lot more than 4 hours. I LOVE my place. Our biggest debate right now is if we keep it or sell it when we move the NWA (when ever that happens). We are less than 1 hour away now, will be about 2 1/2 to 3 if/when we move to NWA.

Hot Springs should be within your radius. Lots of lakes are tucked inside the Ouachitas in that area.


I think Ouachita is the most beautiful big lake in AR. It’s cousins in N. Central AR are better know, but have always been partial to it. Of course, I grew up in the mountains near there and spent a lot of time on it. Hard to go wrong on any of them in AR.

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That is a beautiful area and is just NW of the Hot Springs area. Incredible natural beauty with amazing hiking trails. We have enjoyed many great times in those areas.

My personal vote is greers ferry lake in heber springs but that is probably longer than you want to drive.

The hot springs area is white hot right now but you can find deals as long as you don’t want to necessarily want to be on Hamilton. With the casino and extended racing hot doings lake property is doing well especially if you can vrbo or bnb the property.

I can’t tell you the specifics of why, but I’ve never enjoyed either Ouachita or Lake Hamilton (although that’s not altogether true of Ouachita). Too many people. That’s one of the attractions of Bull Shoals and Norfork.

I am not a horse racing fan and that turns me off about that little area of the state. I can tolerate a visit now and then, but not being there a bunch. Others are attracted, me not as much.

That is one area where my dad and I are not alike. He absolutely loved the Hot Springs area and picked Malvern for the place to spend his final 20 years. He couldn’t have been happier with that decision. He loved the area, the beauty of the lakes and of course the golf and the races.

My Uncle Bill retired to Mount Ida. Ran a small motel and would fish every day for stripers on Lake Ouachita. He loved it.

Come to think of it, pick Hamilton or Ouachita with my blessing and stay out of Baxter County. Wink, wink.

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Need something that’s cooler at night in summers than down here in north LA. Thinking mountains should cool off some during summer nights. Golf would be a bonus but mainly want this to unplug from the world for R&R.

Quachita is my favorite growing up as a kid. Now we go to lake degray in Arkadelphia. It’s not as crowded great few and ur not far from other lakes and rivers.

It’s still hot in Arkansas past July 1. But may and June are great.

Big Creek GC is a fine course in Mountain Home. Every mile you drive north makes at a few degrees cooler. I know it’s hotter in Hot Springs than it is in Norfork.

I grew up on Ouachita when no houses, condos were allowed and still count lots of friends in the area. DeGray is a possible as is Greeson. No lake in AR or TN compares in beauty to Ouachita. I have a brother with a Greers connections and busisness, but there is no comparison to Ouachita. Norfork is fine but way beyond easy travel. Ouachita is just upstream from Monroe so some connection in your mind can be made. I graduated from Lake Hamilton HighSchool long ago but to this day I still think of Ouachita and Catherine as dirty lakes compared to Ouachita. DeGray is a baby Ouachita and probably the easiest to travel for your request. I know the all well and all the other rivers in AR since I was lucky enough to travel all of them for fun as a kid and then to help friends do masters research later. I have not researched DeGray much for property but have thought hard about trying to return to Ouachita and maybe Hamilton. Each mile is double travelling going to and fro so upper Ouachita gets top be pretty far. Hot Springs Village lakes are not real lakes but do have lots of property and views. My fishing priorities have shifted so I am now working through whether I want a place in Mazatlan, Sayulita, Costa Rica (south) or Panama. My heart and geographic orientation still says that home is Crystal Springs.

I was one of the first to fish Gillham which is a Cossatot lake and it may be the closest of all to you although not necessarily the quickest which I believe will be DeGray for your purposes. Arkadoo is not a bad town and next closest would be Catherine which is the oldest of the triLakes in Hot Springs.

I agree with @rayzabackerii on Ouachita being one of a kind. Most beautiful pristine lake in Arkansas. We spent the first night of our honeymoon there in 71 so maybe that draws me to it. My brother in law just moved to Hot Springs Village and some of those lakes are really nice. Not my cup of tea however.

Arkadoo native here. Haven’t been back there much lately but if there has been any development around DeGray I’m not aware of it. Which doesn’t mean anything.

I’m not close to that area. I bought property on Stockton lake, Missouri back in the mid 80s. I recently priced property and was shocked at how much it’s selling for now. Anything even close to the lake is at less $10,000 an acre.

Those areas of Hot Springs may still be toasty and humid compared to where I live. But everyone is right, it’s a long haul from Monroe to Norfork. For sure, Bull Shoals is too far. You will find lots of good golf in easy driving distance from Ouachita. The Hot Springs CC courses (Arlington is the best) are fine layouts. Of course, Hot Springs Village has tons of quality courses, although they clear all the rough area of trees all the way to the ridges (not my preference).

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