OT question about Arkansas, A State logos

I was watching a Dateline show last night about a murder in Jonesboro. Near the end they showed a lawyer’s office there. It had on the wall and desk an Arkansas State logo of “A State” with a Razorback in the middle.I looked several times and it was not a Red Wolf, it was definitely a Razorback, with tusks and all. It was like a combination of the Arkansas State official logo and the Arkansas official mascot. Guess the lawyer didn’t want to take sides, he wanted everyone’s business. It did not look like he cobbled this thing up, it looked like something mass produced. Has anyone seen this?

Have not seen it, but I do hate that our forward facing hog looks so much like their logo. What many people don’t realize, though, is that our forward facing hog predates the adoption of the red wolf by ASU as a mascot. Regardless, I prefer the running hog logo to the forward facing one.

As to Hog logos in Jonesboro, I know many people from there. A business risks all sorts of reprisals from a whole lot of ASU fans if they see anything promoting the Razorbacks. That’s especially true of a retail establishment. They even get pissed if the retailer sells Razorback material. A lawyer doesn’t deal with the general public the way a restaurant or retailer do, though. I’m sure he’s trying to be “politically correct.” (I have some professional friends in Jonesboro who confide to me they hate the red wolves as badly as I do, but they can’t afford to let anyone know that. They have to fake at least some sort of support for them, even to the point of buying ads & crap like that from them. Those of us who’ve spend much time in that part of the state understand. When I was a teen I attended some ASU games. I got sick of hearing them bad mouth the hogs at every chance. As a result, I grew to despise the program. Unfortunately, like so many, I try to keep my hatred a bit to myself when I’m around friends who have close ASU ties. I even do that when they’re “dissing” the hogs.)

Saw that as well. Wife got bent out of shape because I paused the show to check it out, then went on a 5 min rant about how wrong it was and how much I hated it.

I have seen Hog memorabilia and merchandise for sale at any number of places in Jonesboro. All of the large stores have it, and it is usually prominently displayed. There are a lot of Hog fans in Jonesboro. Most people there don’t seem to have a problem playing both sides of the fence. There is, however, a core group of people (some) associated with ASU that are anti-Razorback.

You’re right about retailers selling hog gear. There is a lot of that. So my post was a bit off target on that. It’s restaurants & establishments that display hog logos, etc as part of their decor that seems to rile up some of the locals.