OT: PSA Reminder

Get your colonoscopy screening done, if you’re the age to do it. Had mine this morning, and you all will have me around a good while longer after a clear exam.
Interesting that colon cancer deaths have surpassed prostate (goes back and forth) as #2 for male cancer deaths and has just about caught up to #2 for women (lung cancer first by a lot). Common reason is folks go get their breast cancer and prostate checks, but don’t want to do the colon thing bc it’s nasty with the prep and such. I understand all of that, but colon cancer is pretty easily preventable if it’s caught early stage as a polyp, but treating the cancer is tough…been thru this with my mother in law who died from it 5 years ago and wouldn’t get screened.

Interesting story on me, I got a call from my GI friend last night that we needed to move my scope to the main hospital here in West Monroe the outpatient place bc of a Covid 19 incident. They had a patient (asymptomatic) scoped at the outpatient center yesterday morning by another GI doc, that started having breathing problems when they sedated him and wound up having Covid 19 and pneumonia! They had to shut down the outpatient place until it could be cleaned plus all the staff tested and followed for few days/quarantined. What a mess! That outpatient place does probably 10 surgeries a day over there at least, so all those patients have to wait on knee and hip surgery, scopes, tonsils, etc. until all those staff people are cleared.
Glad I’m done. My first stop after wife picked me up…baskin robbins for peanut butter and chocolate ice cream! That was worth the prep!

I get it done once every 5 yrs. Nothing to it. Wish the Prep stuff was not so gross, but it is ok. Go lay down on my side, say hello to my very attractive GI Doc (who gets to see my best side) and take a little nap. Real simple and easy considering what is being prevented!

I don’t know doc. I can’t think of anything short of catching the cancer or a huge monetary amount that’s “worth the prep”.

It was my first colonoscopy and was scheduled for 7:30 AM. at 7:00 AM, I called the hospital and talked to a nurse. I told her I was still on the pot, and had been there 3 hours, and every time I tried to stand up, I squirted a little, so maybe they could postpone it. She said, “don’t worry about it. Put your clothes on, and bring an extra pair of shorts”. She then said “you won’t be the first one who’s squirted us”. I thought oh yuck!

I had mine 9 years ago with no polyps, so scheduled for one next year. Not looking forward to it.

Until you wake up coughing because you aspirated while out, and three nurses are standing besides you saying “poot! It’s good for you”. And you cough and poot, and cough and poot uncontrollably. What a humbling experience!

Can’t wait for my next 5 year inspection (Oct 2020).

Because my dad (who never got scoped) died from this, I’m on the every-five-year plan.

More Prep, please. :unamused:

My first one, almost 20 years ago, they gave me a few pills and this little bottle of stuff the drink (half at a time). The time on the pot was “yucky”, but I didn’t have to drink so muck like people talk about. Apparently by my second one, they had decided that that small bottle of stuff was dangerous or something and I had to drink all the liquid stuff. I swear, half way through the “prep” process I was already clean as whistle. But I took the rest of the stuff.

I did get the doctor to tell my wife, “I checked, and his head was not up there.” :slight_smile:

For me, the worst part of it is the day before, doing the prep.

My mother indirectly died from colon cancer. She ignored the signs for years, we learned later, thinking it was hemorrhoids & being too embarrassed to seek medical help. They finally successfully removed the colon tumor but it had already spread to her liver, lungs, & brain and she fought thru chemo agony for years before she died. So, I get a colonoscopy every five years and have had three so far. The flushing drink seems to improve each time and each one has seemed easier though certainly not ever easy. Each time they find and remove polyps and the procedure itself is very easy and quick. So, for the price of one uncomfortable night every five years, I have hopes that I will see much more of my grandbabies lives than my mother got to see of hers. Strongly recommend everyone not wait too late to do this.

I am reminded of the old joke that “only a woman who has done a natural childbirth with no anesthetic can understand the agony a man goes through during the common cold.” They pump air into the intestines so they can find the polyps. If our mothers can birth us with doctors hands and forceps up into their vaginas & lots of helpers watching the whole process, we can handle a few nurses knowing we had lots of gas to pass after the colonoscopy. :slight_smile:

You guys on 5 years, is that because they found polyps? My Dr said no polyps, see you in 10 years. Has that 10 yr deal changed? I also have no history of cancer in the family (except skin cancer).

Yes. I have a close relative, mother, with colon cancer so that dictates the five year cycle and each time, so far, they have found and removed polyps.

me two

For me, yes they found some, so I’m on 5 years.

Harley, you and I are on the same track…10 years if no polyps and no family history.
Everyone, it’s not too bad. And it saves lives, so do the test. I sure wish a lot of patients had listened to me about this over the last 20+ years, and they’d still be here.

5 yrs’ if there is history. My Dad had it when he was 80. Caught it early and lived to 94. Got to play with his Great Grandkids. That makes a little drink of that stuff very much worthwhile.

Really, it is not bad. If you have not, get it done! I have had several.

Prep sucks.

Am I seriously the only one under 50 on this board? Granted, I turn 48 next month, but you guys are making getting older sound like not all that much fun, lol. All I heard was colon prep, and I broke out in a sweat. :rofl:

You’re still a puppy here Jeremy

Had it done a few times. The good news is that the prep has gotten easier!

Five times for me with polyps removed each time!