OT: Praying for Dallas everyone is ok, a tornado just hit

1 intersection over from my daughters house near Love Field. She’s ok but shaken, all I could hear in the back ground were sirens, she said her neighborhood is a mess with trees everywhere. Scary when her Dad is 2,000 miles away.

Crazy. If you know anyone that lives north of Walnut Hill and a little west of the Tollway all the way over to Central Expressway into West Garland, it’s likely bad. The Home Depot at Forest and Central had its roof torn off. Nuts. Then again, tornados don’t just hit in the middle of wheat fields. Big cities aren’t immune.

Yea for sure I’m flying out for our 11th annual father/daughter game for the WK game they just bought this house and moved in 2 months ago. Where it went through was an intersection over. Just got off the phone and man so many sirens could barely hear her, she said everything is gone outta her back yard, huge oak tree down doesn’t know where her big electric gate went

There was a tornado that hit our football program almost 2 years ago. F5.

PS - Glad everyone here is safe.

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Prayers, we lived through a f4 tornado in 2012. Neighbors hours flatted we were blessed to keep our roof. So sorry for those hit.