OT - Prayers for Jimmy & Chris Houston

I’m a big fan of Jimmy Houston and his wife Chris. They are renowned fishermen and have a highly followed YouTube channel. Chris fished on the lady bass tours years ago with my Aunt Pat. Both are strong believers and Jimmy has been to our church to share his faith at our annual Wild Game dinner.

Monday Chris had a massive stroke and is in critical condition at a Hospital in Oklahoma City. The Houston’s live in Eastern OK on a huge spread with a 100 acre lake. Chris had the stroke at home while Jimmy was off filming for his TV show.

Jimmy posted a message about this on YouTube last night. It was so very sad. They have been married for decades and they are an example to us all. Please pray for Chris, Jimmy and their kids an grands.


Love Jimmy Houston. I sure hope she recovers. Jimmy has a great spirit. Hope this doesn’t break it. Thanks for sharing.

Sad to hear this. Loved watching his shows, so did my Dad. I had always heard his wife was an avid fisherman (woman).
Prayers for Chris and the Houston Family.

Met Jimmy on the lake years ago. Engaging, fun personality.

Horrific news. Prayers for her recovery. I would be worse than an abandoned puppy without my wife of soon to be fifty years.

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I had some contact with Jimmy back in my BassMaster days and what you see in his show is real life. Constantly laughing at himself and others, he is a ball of energy and everyone loves Jimmy. Prayers for Chris and the family… great and genuine people.