OT - Prayers for Fred & others

I just saw a FB post from Diane Akers who is he wife of Fred Akers longtime coach of Texas and former Razorback. Fred has deep dementia and is confined to a nursing facility in Texas that allows no visitors. It’s a horrible situation for Fred and his family. But it’s common now all over. I have so many friends in this situation. They need our prayers.

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There are many former Razorbacks who have dementia or brain-related issues. On this board, most of the posts are about who may or may not have the coronavirus. A more serious issue, in my view, is the problems which develop from the repeated blows to the head in football.

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Jerry Eckwood in now here in Nashville and has come back just a tiny bit from his lowest point, but still has no reality base.

My good friend Allan Lowry is linked multiple times and multiple ways to Coach Akers and even though he is Longhorn through and through, there is not a better man walking God’s green earth. My condolences to the Akers family and hope that Fred has a place that takes care of him and cares for him which is tough.

Healing prayers for Coach Akers. Peace and comfort for Fred and his family.

Sad times for the Akers family. Prayers for grace and comfort.

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Really sad,
Prayers for Coach Akers and Family.

It’s a vicious disease - witnessed it first hand with a former Razorback & Reddie, my dad. I’ll sure say a prayer for the Akers family and Fred.

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