OT: Prayer request

My 88 year old father fell today. He is in the hospital. Expected a stroke at first, but now they don’t think so. Would appreciate any and all prayers.

I will add to this with two prayer requests. And, thanks to all who help us with these requests.

Jean Ann’s father, Bobby Ashcraft, fell in the shower today. My wife’s father is also 88. Jean Ann’s sister, Nancy, found him unresponsive in the bath room floor. She was going by to take him to the doctor, not knowing he had fallen. So it’s luck that she arrived in time.

She couldn’t move him, but the emergency response team in DeWitt got to him quickly and got him to the local hospital. He was cut, but seems to be responding now. He was being treated for kidney infection and probably over heated in the shower because of the meds.

Coach Ashcraft is a great man. I will say this just as a matter of fact, no one could have a better father-in-law than I do. He was a very good coach, sending several players to Arkansas during his career. Two of the best were Cliff Powell (Eudora) and Richard LaFargue (DeWitt). He also served a couple of terms as county judge in Arkansas County. He continues to be a strong leader in First Baptist Church, DeWitt.

Also, Shep Campbell, son of Louis Campbell, lost his home today to fire. He lives in Little Rock. He was out of town and no one was home, so that is a good thing. But everything is gone. There are few things that compare to losing everything in a fire. I know Shep well. He has a great family and great support, but he’s struggling right now.

Praying for all of these requests. So tough.

LIke Clay I had a wonderful father in law. We shared our love of the Razorbacks and watched many a game at War Memorial and on television. He raised a wonderful daughter that I’ve loved for over 47 years.

Prayers for your father in law Clay and Mr. Campbell. Didn’t your father in law coach in Paragould for a few years also? That is my “hometown”

Prayers to all these needs. We had an apartment fire 15 years ago and lost virtually everything. It is devastating and my daughter still has a fear of fire. I lost my mother in August. So, I know how difficult that is. So, most definitely, all of these requests are in my prayers. God bless.

Gosh, Not a good day on the personal front,

Prayers for all and Families.

Prayers for these beloved family members. Stress and aging
are part of our world.

Thanks to all members who pause to remember each other
in prayer.

I am convinced prayers are part of our life preserver in
our day to day walk.

Bobby Ashcraft did coach in Parabould. He’s resting comfortably at the hospital. No broken bones. He is cut in several places. He is on stronger meds through IV for kidney infection. Should be in hospital for a few days.

prayers sent…

Prayers for all the loved one’s.