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Maybe this has been talked about.

Does anyone know what happened to Dr. Christopher Arnold? I noticed Doc is not running out to check on players when they might be hurt. Did he lose the job to UAMS?

I have been on a long 4-5 year ordeal with my knees. Meniscus tear in my left leg and the right leg has had 4 operations. And still not right. I’ve been up 30 minutes and actually can barely walk and never leave the house.

If anyone knows anything of value please post or PM me, thanks.

Yes, they switched medical providers. UAMS and MANA are the providers for the team’s health care now. It was a Board of Trustees decision, in other words, “Use our guys.” And, UAMS asked MANA to fill in what was needed that they can’t provide. That may be a loose translation of what’s happened. Chris is good, as were the other docs the school used previously.

I didn’t like that previously it was all bidded out. You shouldn’t award health care on the basis of who will pay to be “the doctor of the Razorbacks” and then provide free medical help. I understand it’s done that way all over the college landscape now.

For the record, I have used docs from several different groups in the area. There are some great docs and places there. Some of my best friends work at different competing (if that’s the right word) facilities.

My knee doctor is Mark Powell. He is no longer helping with the basketball team. MY GP for years was Al Gordon. He was out and now is back in with the team. Al was always a hoot when I got to see him. We’d talk Hogs for about 30 minutes before he’d ask, “Now why are you here?”

It was Al who ordered me to miss the “sleet” game in Starkville years ago. It was one of the few games I’ve missed. I had a bad sinus infection, with high temperatures. I saw him on a Monday. He asked me to call Jean Ann while I was in the examination room, then took the phone and said, “Clay cannot go to Starkville this weekend. He is sick and that’s an outdoor press box and it’s going to be nasty weather. I don’t want him to end up in the hospital with pneumonia.” And, that was that. Al smiled and said, “Sorry, but I want to read your stories for a long, long time.”


The doctors know who is in charge. I had some health issues years ago and my family doctor could see I was being less than forthright about my symptoms. He stepped out to the waiting room and asked Suzi to step into the exam room. He asked my wife several questions about what was going on and promptly sent me to the hospital. Go to the top if you want answers.

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It may have been a Board of Trustees decision, but I’m noticing UAMS ads all over the place, including Grant Morgan’s NIL stuff, ribbon board at BWA, the screen behind Sam in his postgame pressers, etc., indicating that some money is changing hands too.

Ads don’t always mean money changing hands. UAMS does have an advertising budget. But I did not say they got it free. The other guys were not broken hearted to lose the contract. It is a lot of work. FYI, free medical care will get you a lot of ads.

Just thinking that I’ve noticed that the KU medical school is the official medical provider for the Chiefs, for instance. They did something to get that gig too and it’s probably more than free medical care.

I grew up living up the street from AL. He is a great guy and a lot of fun to be around. When my brother in law moved up there from Louisana I reccommended AL to be his family doc. I get updates from him on all things A Y (Al). He is exactly the person you would want in that position. I am so glad he is back where he belongs. He was a pretty good QB in high school too.

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