(OT) Poker is not a sport

Nor is it an athletic competition. Yet it seems to be on every sports network. Why? Who is watching this?

And IMO, that Texas draw is not poker. I agree it is not worthy of my time watching it on TV.

It’s a filler.

ESPN has “entertainment” in its title. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network is the name.

Not all of its shows are sports. Some are put on the air just as entertainment.

I do not think card games are entertaining except for those playing cards, but I know many are interested in card games.

My father always read the bridge games in the paper. He loved dominoes, bridge and other games that challenged you to count. He did love to play gin and was a master of keeping up with what cards had been played. I did not like to play him, but my daughters did. One daughter once played with him for a solid week while we were on vacation. He kept the tally of how much she owed playing penny a point. She owed him a lot of money, but celebrated with great passion the hands (or games) she won. I do not think there were many.

Clay, that was the original name of ESPN. Not any more. It’s ESPN Inc , letters stand for nothing. When Bill Rasmussen started ESPN, no one believed that an all-sports network could survive, so that’s why the E is there. And in the early days, without much content, there was non-sports programming, along with plenty of Aussie rules football and other overseas oddities. As they got rights to more events, the non-sports programming soon disappeared. So did the Aussies.
You can argue that poker isn’t sports, and you’re not wrong, but it provides cheap filler during the summer months and people do watch it.

I remember when the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network had basically the one guy, Chris, operating out of a studio in Connecticut and it was in fact only sports at night and whatever they could find days. IIRC they signed off at midnight. Personally I liked it better then than now. They had one channel. I lived on Long Island then and I think it was free at first. That was 50 years ago.

I like Aussie Rules football, though it was more fun when the goal judges wore fedoras and lab coats. You have to be good sized, athletic, and very tough to play it, and the rules are easier to follow than other exotics like rugby. Lots of scoring and physical play. Much preferable for me to soccer.

Almost all the Aussie punters who’ve invaded the college and pro ranks the last five or ten years are ex-Aussie Rules players.

Swine, it may not stand for that now, but it was promoted as that and I’ve never forgotten it. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.

OT but things change. I remember then the Texas Company sold gasoline under the brand name Texaco. in the early 60’s they officially changed the corporate name to Texaco.