OT - poisoned cooler

Don’t drink the Kool-aid.

If that was somebody’s idea of a joke, it’s sure not funny. I could see some smart-a** student mgr doing something like that. I’d hate to think it’d be anyone with any higher responsibility.

This should be an easy case to solve. “Paint thinner” is typically acetone (soluble in water) or mineral spirits (insoluble in water). Both are clear and colorless liquids. The photo indicates someone dropped a Gatorade cup of mineral spirits/paint mixture in the cooler.
The perpetrator’s head should be used for batting practice.

Teams have long suspected tampering of water/food. Paranoia will increase after this.

Just bring back Bob Gibson and let the guilty party bat.


a lot of the younger ones won’t remember how hard he threw…either to get you out or to send you a message

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