OT--Pics & Poll

By me–LOL

BTW if you know me you would know that’s NOT possible–SO it’s my wife’s, done free hand!!

I’ll post some more later. These are rejects that didn’t make the giving gifts for Christmas list…


Those are very good. Like you, I have no artistic ability whatsoever. The good Lord gave me a bit of athletic ability, but zero artistic ability. I can’t even draw a stick figure.

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WOW!!! LOVE that Hog.

I have the artistic ability of a drunken sidewinder on a hot asphalt road. I’m in awe of anyone that can do more than stick people

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My feeling also. Creative people are usually a great gift to our old world. Art makes life sweeter.


Thanks guys. Now when Brenda get home I’ll post more.

Every year my wife does something or should I say makes some Art stuff for her kids. Started this 4-5 years ago and gives them to her kids, or a game that the grand kids can play or even her kids.

This year she tried a drawing of the Grinch. Just for fun. She went to Walmart and bought the 5 X 8 canvas art for paintings. So when I post more you will some of the paintings she has made in the last 6 weeks!

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Very nice! Well done

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Just a couple. What you are seeing is the pic that she did and she didn’t like them as I kept telling her to do One then try it again instead of jumping to new ones.

Anyway like I said like the Charlie Brown pic wasn’t finished or didn’t make the cut, LOL

Pretty good to me!


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When all you can do is draw stick people(poorly), this certainly looks great to me.

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That Hog looks much better than any of the forward facing crap they are trying to pass off as a new/second logo for Razorback athletics.

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And she did this by hand. Juse sitting at the kitchen table with a picture from Facebook, Pinterest something like that. I may try, LOL


What do you think?

New one.

BTW Brenda says this needs more work. I say it looks pretty good!

  • More work?
  • Or good to go?

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What do you think

More work?

Or good to go?
Not as many as I thought would comment, anyway.

I think to much…

Don’t bother her at the kitchen table or any table for that matter.
All looks pretty amazing to me. Just freehanding it wow.

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Man how did you know she was the kitchen table?

Just kidding thanks! She does it free-hand, and draws a picture that is in on her phone. She might sit on the couch in the great room and paint on the kitchen bar. Not try to go to overboard about her but I consider her as being Very good.

Thanks guys!

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