OT: Pebble Beach Pro-Am

When you watch the pro-am at Pebble Beach, do you want to see the celebrities hit shots?

Only if the celebrity has a low single-digit handicap, or if it is Bill Murray.

They showed rapper School Boy Q hit a pitch shot. I never heard of him.

I had never heard of School Boy Q either. Same goes with Macklemore.

I don’t mind seeing a few celebrity shots here and there since this is such a unique event. Kind of wanted to see Josh Allen’s swing, but never caught it. Mookie Betts is quite the athlete so I knew he’d be decent.

I used to like seeing Kenny G when he played this event. I think he was a 1 or 2 handicap.

Darius Rucker seems to have some game. Maybe Daly gave him a few golf lessons in exchange for some vocal lessons

I miss Jack Lemmon. Always rooted for him.

Ya not really but then I’m at the age that I don’t know many of the peeps today that are called celebrities. I go back to the time when it was called the Crosby Clambake, Phil Harris was in the tv booth and Bing and Bob were on the fairways. Those were celebrities!

The problem with this golf tournament is there are no Jack Lemmons, Clint Eastwoods or Bing Crosbys who play golf anymore. There are no real “movie stars”. You have a group of very wealthy executives who buy their way into the tournament rather than celebrities who are invited.

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I like to see them. Some hit shots like me. Fun to see

I like to watch quarterbacks, current and former. They are usually good golfers. No Barkley please. It hurts to watch him.

By the way, I have played Pebble Beach three times, and would take any questions.

Barkley had overcome the downswing hitch, last time I saw him. I was astonished at how much better his rhythm was!

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I would like to play at Pebble Beach. I know to take plenty of golf balls. If there is trouble right, I will find it. That was once not my problem. But a bad neck means a restricted back swing. My swing keeps getting shorter and the right shots get to be more of a problem.

I’d like to play the Old Course in St. Andrews and Pebble Beach. After that, not too much interests me in golf travel.

Hunted at Redhill last month with a doctor from New Jersey. He wants me to join him at his club, Pine Valley. That does interest me, but I don’t want to do the travel to New Jersey where he lives.

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St. Andrews Old Course was my favorite hands down. It was akin to a religious experience.

We were at St. Andrews several years ago. We tried to get a tee time months ahead and ran into trouble because my brother in law did not have a handicap and a letter from his pro. Me and the wife had both. But looking back I think you probably have to book a package (hotel, travel and such) to get on. We did however spend the day there and got many great pictures. It was in April and cold (probably around 40) and very, very windy. If we had gotten on it would have been miserable. But it was the trip of a lifetime and we had a wonderful time with my brother in law and sister in law. She was born in Scotland and was there to visit family (near Peebles) for the first time in 48 years. What a blessing. We did get to play near my sister in laws home town before the trip was over.


To think an Arkansas kid (Daly) won there is amazing.


Brother got to see PB and said it was absolutely breathtaking,said it would be hard to concentrate with so much beauty around.

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An occasional celeb shot is fine, but no interviews… it’s always, love of the game and my pro partner is great.

I’ll admit there were a few tears running down my face when Daly walked up 18 that day. @youdaman I’ve driven by Pebble Beach a couple of times when visiting the Monterey peninsula. Just absolutely breathtaking there. I put it up there with the most beautiful places in our country. Can’t imagine playing that coarse.


Yeah it would definitely be a bucket list thing for me for sure.

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I like history. What amazed me is knowing that course was played regularly by Mary Queen of Scots in the mid-1500s. She became known as the queen of golf and helped popularized the game.

Or one could go back a little further to where golf began. Shepherds would get bored in the fields watching the sheep, and started knocking rocks in holes with their crooks. That’s how the game started. And then they started keeping score…


Man, Clay, if I had your golf game, I would hitchhike to Pine Valley. Isn’t it still rated the #1 course in America?