OT - Paul Finebaum sez OU is desperate to leave B-12

Even if they do or don’t leave the B-12; can that conference survive?

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If Texas had any sense at all, it would abandon its TV network in favor of a Big 12 network. It might cost them some money in the shortrun, but no other league is going to put up with Yew-Tee’s arrogance on that score. Nobody else needs them. If the Big 12 collapses, the EOE-A can’t continue on as an independent. It’d have to jump to the Pac 12 (it’s like preference) or the SEC (lord, I hope not.) I suppose it could move to the Big 10, but it’d probably be over Nebraska’s dead body. I don’t know if anyone in the ACC would want them or not, but that league already has too many members.

Personally, I hate all this conference expansion. The SEC made out well financially with the addition of A&M & MU, but at 16 teams it’s already too unwieldy as a true athletic conference. Add any more teams & it stops being a conference and becomes nothing more than a financial consortium. It’s already a financial consortium, but at least it still has an identity as an athletic conference–even if it is about 2 teams too big.

Meanwhile, I have a hard time feeling sorry for OU. And from what I’ve heard about Oklahoma politics, they can’t go anywhere without OSU. The schools really in a bind are the Kansas schools, T-Tech & Baylor. (Well, ISU is stuck, too, but they’re an afterthought anyway.)

Chip, I know you know this, but we’re still at 14 teams. We don’t have the Okie schools yet…

Doh! Slapping self on forehead. Yep. Know it and have no idea what I was thinking

I think there will be 16 teams in the SEC sooner than later.

Not sure if will be OU and Texas

Thinking more southern teans

I think you’re probably right. I hate it. I think it’s a terrible idea. But I also think it’s going to happen. I have no idea who it’d be, but I suspect two voices who’d be loud against texass would be A&M & us. I’d bet MU wouldn’t be too keen on the thought, either. I don’t know who’d be vocal FOR Texas, but I’d imagine several against the idea. (Perhaps we’ve been away from the old SWC too long that we have no institutional memory about how badly those orange b*!#x* bullied everyone else. Frank could tell them. I suspect Neb & Colorado might mention it, too, if anyone were to ask their opinions.)

I’m trying to figure out who the southern teams would be joining the SEC. The ACC seems pretty solid now with its TV network and a poison pill to prevent schools from leaving for another conference. I don’t see anyone in CUSA or the American that would be an asset to the SEC. South Florida? UCF? Cincinnati? All underwhelming, not strong enough programs and not bringing enough TV sets/fan support to be a good fit.

Obviously, if the ACC became unstable, there are all kinds of ACC schools who would be good additions to the SEC. VaTech being one of them. One of the North Carolina schools. Florida State, or Miami. Georgia Tech used to be an SEC school, but they really don’t add anything as far as TV markets, etc. Same is true for FSU and Miami. And Clemson. All obviously very solid programs, but you’re assuming that a conference that seems really solid isn’t, as opposed to the conference that is already on thin ice.

If OU and Okie Lite weren’t joined at the hip, I could see adding OU to the West and a VaTech or NC State to the East. Or two Little Dozen teams, OU and West Virginia, which was prominently mentioned in the last round of musical conferences before we took Misery instead.

If the conference is two teams too Big

Who would PF ask to leave?

Us and Mizzou maybe?

Not happening. Nobody will be asked to leave & nobody will leave voluntarily.

I would be surprised if Texas really wants to walk away from what they have, only two or three (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU) tough games a year. That’s their dream. They want to coast. They don’t want to be in the SEC or the Pac-12 or they’d already done it.

I can see why Texas would want to keep the status quo, but I can’t really see why anyone else in the conference would. Even though Texas isn’t winning much these days, we know it’s just a matter of time before their resources propel them back to the top–at least back to the top of their conference. They’re keeping all that money from their network & denying the other schools any real chance to share. If you’re KSU, Baylor, T-Tech or ISU, there might not be many options, but OU & OSU might have some. If another school or two leave the Big 12, Texas might find its world collapsing around them. They’ll be kings with no kingdom. Not sure how that would play in Austin.

I suspect Oklahoma (OU and OSU) or North Carolina (UNC and NC State) will be the SEC’s next conquered ground, and my gut says it will be the Oklahoma schools as a package deal. The league is going to be 16 teams at some point. It’s just a matter of time.

Not if the league goes to 16

Natural selection would be OU and OSU

So I have some snarky questions

If OU and OSU joined :

Would that allow Arkansas to join the Eastetn Div?

Or would they put OSU in the Eastern because it’s east of OU? (kidding)

So would the SEC finally stand up to Bama and allow Auburn to Join the East?

I would think UGA would be next to go East Div if OU and OSU joined

If bot OU maybe KU and West VA could join ?

Or my personal Fav

UofL and west VA !?

UKentcky would protest but SEC doesn’t listen to U.K. About football

I don’t like the idea of going to 16 teams, but there seems to be a consensus it’s going to happen. Regardless, whether one thinks that’s too big or not, no one seriously suggests anyone is getting out of the SEC. That simply won’t happen.

If OU & OSU come in, I suspect they’ll move both Bama & Auburn to the east. Might then put MU in the west & move MSU to the east. That’d make for geographic sense. But then we’d have two football conferences–the SECW & the SECE–who would play some intersectional games with each other from time to time. All would play 7 division rivals & either 1 or 2 cross division rivals on a rotating basis. That’d leave only 3 or 4 non-conference games in a 12 game season. My guess is they’d have each team play 2 games/yr against the other division. The 3 NC games would have to include 1 from another P5 conference & allow 2 from non-P5 conferences.

I don’t see UNC & NCS leaving the ACC (also meaning they’d leave Duke & Wake Forest, other schools in the ACC & in No. Carolina.)

Not necessary.

Current alignment:
East – Florida, Georgia, SoCar, EOE, Vandy, UK, Misery.
West – Hogs, LSU, A&M, OM, MSU, Bama, Auburn.

New East – Florida, Georgia, SoCar, EOE, Vandy, UK, Bama, Auburn.
New West – Hogs, OU, OSU, A&M, Misery, LSU, OM, MSU.

So you move the Bama schools east, move Misery west and add the Okie schools. Eight and eight.

I think that would also lead to nine game SEC schedules, which may be coming anyway.

As Jeff said, moving the Alabama schools to the east is the logical solution in a 16-team league. It also fixes the issue of scheduling around the Auburn-Georgia and Alabama-Tennessee football games, and would add a little more balance to both sides.

I would think under this scenario, Bama’s permanent West rival would become LSU. Auburn probably gets one of the Mississippi schools. Who would we get, since Misery would be coming west? Who knows? Maybe Florida, who would lose LSU as a permanent rival. Or Georgia, losing Auburn. Or Auburn.

Both OU and OSU moving to the SEC goes against the prevailing wisdom of the last round of movement. During that time conferences pretty much only looked at teams that brought additional television demographics, which is why no Florida schools, Clemson, or another school from Texas was seriously pursued by the SEC. Maybe in the next iteration that is not a requirement, but if television viewers are being split away from high cable prices and Networks have less revenue to throw at live television, ie Conference contracts, I would think that adding schools with very definable television landscapes would be paramount. Hence, I don’t think the SEC takes both OU and OSU. Now if the move is to siphon off teams to make the move to four or five “Super Conferences” and leave the NCAA behind is the goal, then maybe it makes sense to take them or another in state school of a state that is already represented in the SEC and begin the move to independence from the NCAA.

That is interesting Dudley… You think Clemson or FSU? USF?

I don’t know how much influence SC and Fla would have on the additions of Clemson and FSU (or any other Fla school.) I assume both would oppose adding another team from their state, but I don’t know that for sure.

I still fail to see how expansion helps the SEC. I suppose if there becomes a 4 conference power group where the Big 12 schools get absorbed away by the remaining 4 conferences, the SEC would take some of the B12 schools, but I’m still not sure that’s a good thing.

It’s possible we’re simply going to have a sea change in college football where conferences as we know them cease to exist. We’ll go to 4 regional groups that roughly correspond to the current geographical footprints of the ACC, SEC, Big 10 & Pac 12 (or is it Pac 14 now?). I suppose that’d be 4 “conferences” of 18-20 teams each. How they’d divide money & schedules is anyone’s guess. I guess they could still keep traditional conference names, but the names would be the only tradition left. Each “conference” could put 2-4 teams into a tournament at the end of the season to decide the national champion. It’d sorta be the “amateur” version of the NFL. The players would get paid, but paid less. They’d still be associated with colleges & universities, but perhaps the players wouldn’t need to attend class or meet any academic standards because the season would be too long.