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One year ago today our niece lost her battle with cancer. She was more than a niece to me and Suzi she was more like our first daughter. We were blessed to spend the last two weeks of her life on earth helping care for her. Donna was brilliant and earned a full ride to UofA eventually earning her law degree there. We spent many days together at WMS, RRS and Bud Walton watching our beloved Hogs. Donna could break down football, basketball and baseball games as well as any man. No telling how many times we called the Hogs together.

Her legacy will be her daughters both very talented ladies. The elder daughter is a rising Junior at the UofA with a full ride like her mom. We think she will become a lawyer too one day. The youngest daughter is an elite basketball player for Fayetteville HS and Woods Elite AAU. She has 8 D1 offers to date and is on the radar of at least 4 SEC schools (including Arkansas). These two are precious reflections of Donna.

Donna’s husband James is a special guy. A wonderful dad and a husband that took care of Donna’s every need with love.

Me and Suzi came in from Tennessee to be with Donna’s mom and dad to help ease the pain of this anniversary. We could use your prayers. The void is though but we have total assurance that Donna is in heaven with Jesus and her loved ones that have passed on. We miss her. Sorry for the long post but many of you understand the pain.


Praying for you and the family my friend…God bless you all.

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Just said a quick prayer knowing that God will ease the pain for you and the family.

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Prayers LD. Count on your Hog family to be with you. They were with me when I experienced a personal tragedy three years ago and it was very comforting. Take care.

Prayers going up.

I know of nothing more sad, painful, and thought provoking than the loss of a child (or close niece). Prayers sent. Be well.

Much love and prayer headed your way.

prayers for you and the family on this anniversary…glad that the memories seem to be fond ones…that doesn’t take away the pain but it does seem to lessen it somewhat

Prayers coming your way LD.

Prayers for your family. Thanks for the wonderful testimony to the
enduring love that your niece, Donna, gifted to your family.
She obviously lives on in each of your lives.

Thanks for all the prayers and support from our HI family. It helped us get through yesterday. Anyone that’s interested can view a wonderful tribute to Donna on twitter from her daughter Caroline. Just look up Caroline Lyles on twitter. We appreciate y’all.

https://twitter.com/carolinelyles30 (-BBH)

Thanks Marty!

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