OT: Ossabaw Island

For our 40th Anniversary, spending New Year’s Eve on Ossabaw, an almost uninhabited island near Savannah—welcoming hike, farm-to-table dinner, bonfire with s’mores, champagne at midnight, breakfast the next morning. Saw a Razorback logo for the island and wondered what that was about. Turns out the Spanish brought wild hogs to the island. And since they are on an island, they are some of the few wild hogs that have never interbreeded with domestic pigs. Hence they still have their original colors, including red. Hope to see some. Woo Pigs!


Please write about it after your visit. I’d love to hear more.

Happy for you and your wife. Some of the best and freshest seafood you will ever find.
Island hopping is our favorite thing to do.

Will do.

Thanks. Hopefully we’ll get some seafood in the meal they prepare on Ossabaw, but we’ll be eating in Savannah, too, and the restaurants there are tremendous—The Grey, The Grey Market, Collins Quarter, etc.

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