OT: Oscar night

Sometimes I wonder if I should turn on the close caption option for English movies so I can catch every word. There are so many words that are plain mumbled in every movie.

Totally agree. I assumed it is my 69 year old ears not understanding the words. (Yes I have hearing aids and that increases the volume but the clarity is still bad.) Maybe it is not just me! I started watching Vikings on the History Channel with closed captioning and realized there is all kinds of diaglogue that I have been missing with their psuedo-Scandinavian accents.

No Country For Old Men was a great movie, but it was very difficult to watch. It is just brutal and savage, but I couldn’t look away. Javier Bardeem was superb in that part.

Tommy Lee Jones is one of my favorite actors. He was great in The Fugitive. He stole the show.

We see (maybe) one movie in a theater a year. First because my wife has a severe hearing loss which makes it hard for her. And Next we are okay patiently waiting for the movie to hit Netflix or Amazon Prime. And closed captions on those are used always.

The Oscar’s have zero appeal to us and have not for years. Just personal choice. Kinda like the NBA or NFL. Not because of any political junk on either. Just don’t interest me.

We’re Outlander, The Crown, Blue Bloods and Heartland people. How’s that for variety?

Outlander is my wife’s favorite. It is not remotely as
good as the books.

I had MoviePass for a year. That was one movie a day for $10 per month. That was great, in spite of it being only for regular movies, and not IMAX or 3D or anything special.

That went out of business, so I now have the AMC subscription for $19.95 per month that gives me 3 movies per week and that includes their great Dolby theater with reclining seats. I go to a lot of matinees and I’m usually one of the youngest people there at 70. I do wish they had more of the indy films that usually play only in NYC and LA, and I’d love to see all of those nominated foreign films before the Oscars.

That’s what everyone says. I’ve not read the books. We binge watch it and are sad when we have to wait for months for a new season. We love Scotland and the scenery takes us back. Even the USA portions are filmed in Scotland.

We listen to audiobooks way more than we turn on
TV or go out to a movie.
I read a book a week but rarely fiction.

I do that a lot. I find that many times that “back ground” music and sound effects makes it hard to pick up on the dialog.

Try watching Trainspotting or Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels without captions. You’ll get about every 20th word. If you’re lucky.

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One of my Favs too…I swear I couldn’t watch it again…I could just act out the key parts, maybe charades :sunglasses:

And Fight Club.

BTW Clay…you’d better be turned into AMC if you want to see the new season of Saul next week. It won’t be available on Netflix for a few months.


But gee, the books, like Wiz, just keep going, and going. I loved them, but came close to getting tired of them. Loved the concept tho.

We will record them on A&E.

I wonder what percentage of people still watch shows live if they own a DVR.

I will watch sports live, but that is about it. All my TV shows I watch, I use the DVR.

When I do watch something more or less live, I delay the start so I can blow thru commercials.

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