OT: Oscar night

Why was Slim Shaddy singing?

Only movie I saw last year was Irishman. I thought it was great. So I can’t tell you if they were wronged by not winning more. Parasite won - in another language. I thought they have a category for foreign language films. Anyone see Parasite?

As far as TV time, looking forward to return of Better Call Saul tonight on Netflix!

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I watched most of it for the first time in a very long time. No particular reason. It just didn’t bore me to tears as much as in the past. (Might have something to do with dialing down the sound on the remote every time some minor award winner went on and on.) However, I kind of liked the genuine joy that the Korean director showed each time he was amazed to be up there.

When will the whining about failing to fill quotas in the awards body count ever end? Will it stop if 55% of every category are women and 20% of all are minority group members? Wait! What about the world population? More than half of those nominated will have to be from China and India to be fair. The wailing and gnashing of teeth will never end! Hope I didn’t get tooooooo political!

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Parasite is probably the best movie to win Best Picture since No Country For Old Men. I saw every best pic nominees even before the nominations. I was partial to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I think it will endure the longest of all the movies this year. But I can’t argue with Parasite. Bong Joon Ho has made some really good movies like Memories of Murder, The Host, and Mother.

Clay, you should take some time to watch Parasite. Hell of a movie.

Slim Shady performance was end of a segment where they talked about how some songs and movies are interconnected with each other. Like if you think of a movie, you think if that song in the movie. So, when you think of the movie 8 Mile, you think of the song, “Loose Yourself”. A lot of people don’t like rap, but Eminem sure had people in the audience rapping and singing with him. On twitter, our younger media people like Alyssa Orange were going nuts over the performance.

PJ, I liked Eminem. I was humming along. Did not know the words as those in the audience did. Assumed some were muted because of bad language and that’s fine. But I liked it.

I just asked why he was singing. I was interested in knowing why they put him out there. I wondered if that song might have been in one of the newer movies? It seemed random. I have not heard anyone say it wasn’t good. Just asked a question.

I actually googled last night after his performance to see why he was given that spot and got no answer.

Yeah, they should have had Elton John do “Tiny Dancer” or Simon and Garfunkel do “Mrs Robinson”. Would have enjoyed it more. Wish a Whitney Houston was still, alive to do her sing in Bodyguard.

Sorry, misunderstood what you were saying.

Parasite is a phenomenal movie.

It deserved best picture.

I watched “Overcomer” with the kids last night! The Oscar don’t enter into what I care about! Actors are so concerned about getting into politics I won’t tune in!
I’m an America first type! I can’t say too much more on this topic or I would get banned for a long time.
I thought Overcomer was a great movie.

I did not like No Country for Old Men, so saying Parasite ranks with that does not register with me.

I may not agree with some stuff actors or actresses say, but I don’t let that spoil my appreciation for skill, talent and artistry.

I would never want to be close minded, want everybody to think like me or not consider other people’s opinions without listening to them.

That to me is America first.


As they say, I can turn the channel if I don’t agree. I left the room when someone got long winded. If it’s something my wife says I should consider, I can rewind it. I am open minded, but sometimes, enough is enough.

I tried to watch it but as soon as Brad Pitt got his political high horse I turned it off. Everyone needs to stay in their lane.

If you and I can have opinions, I think everyone else should have the right to have them.

Whether I agree with them or not.

Just reading a few short summaries of it, it didn’t sound very good. I guess I will have to give it a shot, but frankly I usually don’t like the movies the critics like. I am a big movie fan. While I was in college I would go by myself if I couldn’t find anyone to go because I love movies. But I will say I go, as a rule, to be entertained. I like “The Dirty Dozen” more than “Full Metal Jacket.”

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My wife and I see a lot of movies, in the theater and at home.

It is as good a movie as we have seen in several years.

Oh no. I had just started typing that the only movie mentioned in this entire thread that I’ve seen was “No Country for Old Men”. I thought it was a great movie. It would be my number 1 all time. I’ve watched it at least 6 or 7 times since it came out. I also thought Javier Bardem’s performance in it was the best I’ve ever seen by an actor. Riveting!

My number 1 movie of all time is “The Green Mile” watched it again last night.

Yep, that one belongs in the a Hollywood Hall of Fame… A couple of powerful performances.

I’m completely out of the loop when it comes to movies. My wife and I used to go to the movies a lot, but got burned a few times in a row with bad films and kind of stopped going to the theater; decided it was a lot less expensive to be disappointed in a $4 rental at home.

I think part of my lack of interest is that I don’t watch traditional TV very much anymore, so I don’t see many trailers. I just don’t know what is being made.

My interest has turned more to documentary films. I feel like we’re in the golden age of documentary filmmaking right now. My list of docs to watch is probably 15-20 long at any given time and I have access to several through subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon, PBS and ESPN. The only movie on my to-see list is 1917.

Rented Parasite last night (I am sure I am one of many that did). Had been a while since I watched a movie with subtitles but you get used to it.

Kept thinking about that little true-ism we were told as children. “What a tangled web we weave…when we first attempt to deceive.” Great movie! Convinced my wife to watch it with me last night (she liked it too and she is much more of a Hallmark girl) Got a feeling I will watch it again with my sons.

Count me in on the “two thumbs up” for No Country for Old Men. Javier and Tommy Lee both give great performances.