OT: ORU for those that might be interested

Double double for Vanover last night. It was close for a half… and then! ORU is starting to get some looks for Top 25 votes.

Issac McBride was solid last night too… great shooting night for both Little Rock guys! Connor made a couple of baby hooks we were all hoping to see when he was in a Hog uni, as well as knocking down his 3’s. The one he missed spun out.


I’m glad he’s doing well. I really am. Seems like a good young man. But he really wasn’t close to the kind of SEC player Muss wants. Couldn’t defend, and was really pushed around a lot. He’s just not a big-boy league player.

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I was at the game. Connor still gets pushed around a lot and his defense is not up to SEC standards. But his baby hooks and 3 point shooting are very good.

ORU has a good record but their competition is not the best. They have no quad 1 wins and the defense in the Summit League is not very good. However, Abmas and McBride could get them a win or two in the tournament.

Good to see those guys having success.

soooo glad to hear this, for Connor and his mom and his grandmom. great family.


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Maybe if he had been able to shoot consistently at Arkansas, he would still have been able to get minutes and contribute? He started a bit and was given opportunities, but bless his heart, it seemed he lost confidence. Glad to see him doing well.

I promise I will not keep doing this, but here is the box score from last Saturday night:

Connor had another double double: 23 pts, 10 boards and 4 blocks. Most game minutes of his career.
BTW, in case you didn’t notice, his double double (20&10) the game before was in 24 minutes. Didn’t shoot it as well this game, but was a major factor in the win since Abmas was struggling a bit.

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