OT - Orange beach, Alabama

I am taking my wife to Orange Beach in October for our anniversary in October.

It is our first trip there and I want to make it special for momma.

Does anyone have any thoughts on good places to go, things to see and do that are unique to the area? We prefer more of the cultural, historical and outdoors. Not into partying.

Also, would love to know recommendations for a great anniversary restaurant. Open to anything.

I have done a bit of research, but I am looking for recommendations from those who have experienced it.

Thanks a lot.

Places to eat: Cosmos is very good. Under the bridge is Cobalt. Also very good.

I’m kind of a beachbum so just enjoying the sand and walking the beach does it all for me.

Pensacola is not far. Strolling through Pensacola’s old town is fun if you’re in to shopping.

Thanks, Mud. Appreciate the input.

Forgot about Cosmos. It is good, just off the beaten path. Last time we were in GS we ate at Sea and Suds. It was pretty good. Never tried Cobalts. They used to have a nice restaurant on the point at the bridge, great food and atmosphere, but alas, the last hurricane took it out. :frowning:

I am actually here now. Just not a ton of culturally significant things to do here. For that Pensacola is only an hour away. We normally go there but took a last minute trip and being Blue Angels week Pensacola was booked. Mobile has some options and I guess you could visit Fort Morgan on the other end of the island.

We do like to eat at the Steamer right on the main road into Gulf Shores. But it’s not really an anniversary type dinner. We are staying in the brand new Tides hotel. It a small Best Western Premier that will be really nice once they finish it. It just opened Sunday. Haven’t tried Cosmos but Zekes at the marina is nicer and good. The Wharf has a couple of nice places too.

You said you aren’t into partying, but you still need to make a quick trip to the Flora-Bama Lounge – even if you just drink a soda pop. It’s a classic “cultural” spot on the Alabama gulf coast that was made famous by Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Stabler and many others who used to hang out there through the years.

Also, if you’ve never been to the Pensacola Naval Air Station’s aviation museum, it’s a must. Just a short 35 - 40 minute drive from Orange Beach and well worth the trip. I’ve been many times and I compare it very favorably with the Air & Space museum at the Smithsonian in D.C.

As for restaurants in Orange Beach, we’ve always enjoyed the food and the view at Shipp’s Harbor Grill. Cobalt’s is good. And Wintzell’s Oyster House is part of the old Wintzell family’s restaurants that started in Mobile, AL. Really, though, just about anywhere you go you can find a good plate of fresh seafood.

Scratch Zekes. Just went down to the marina and it’s closed.

Crab Trap is great food
I’ll trek that way in October also to Gulf Shores, during the buy week between Allbarn and Florida of course.
Enjoy, won’t be your last trip to the “redneck riviera”

Fisher’s. Trust me. They have a formal restaurant and also a more casual side, called Fisher’s Dockside. You’re surrounded by incredible boats, the food is wonderful, service is great. It’s the best place we’ve been to in Orange Beach. Try it at least once.

I always enjoy Louisiana Langiappe for a nice dinner. Their stuffed shrimp is great. For lunch it is hard to beat Poppa Rocco’s. They have good pizza and some of the best baked oysters you will find anywhere. I have been going to this area for 13 years. We stay at the Beach Club in Fort Morgan. Will be there a week from Saturday actually.

I agree, the short drive to Pensacola to see the Navy’s Air museum is a must see. Actually I enjoyed this one better than the one on the Mall in Wash. D.C. All indoors and air conditioned. Beautiful old vintage planes. I loved it.
The Air Force also has one there, much smaller but very interesting.

I’ve been going there for years and just stumbled across it this summer. Cosmos and Colbalts are owned by the same people. Cosmos is better. Louisiana Lanyape (sp?) is great too. Someone said go to Flora-Bama. Go in the late afternoon for at least one drink. Before the party crowd arrives. Where millionaires and bikers meet.

A bit more info. Tried Cosmos. It was very good. On our way out we tried Ginny Lane at The Wharf. It was also very good and all air conditioned. It won’t be as much of an issue in October but during the summer outdoor dining before the sun goes down is tough. Cosmos has more outside tables than inside. A lot of places down there do.

So we ate at Lulu’s, The Steamer(twice), and The Hangout all outdoors or open air. We also had Cosmo’s and Ginny Lane in the air conditioning.