OT: On the road update

My bosses finally decided to send me to Crown Point, IN, for my second site visit on the new job/clinical trial. Took 4.5 hours to drive to O’Hare, turn in my rental car, get another one (cheaper than keeping the one I had), and drive into northwest Indiana. Looking at another 4-5 days here before I get to go back to NC. Pretty sure I won’t get to see the Jawja game, which may be a good thing, but I’ll be sneaking looks at my phone when I can.

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Aloha Jeff,

Thanks for the update. Stay safe.


Important work Jeff. Be safe in your travels.

Thanks for keeping us informed. It sounds like important work.

Could be. They’re hoping to prove that COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes can be prevented/controlled by using these antibodies. Most of the people who volunteered/enrolled at my first site (and I’m told that isn’t uncommon) are staff, not patients, but staff is getting exposed to the same things and could then pass it on to other patients unwittingly.

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