OT: Obeying Orders

Obeying orders:

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Thank you, Clay

Jeremiah is one of my all time favorite members of this board. I see now why we don’t hear from him very often. He’s being a great father and husband. Seeing Wyatt catch his first fish is special. I’ve been able to do that with all 7 of my grands.

Way to go Wyatt. And thanks Clay. Special stuff.

Clearly, he’s one of my favorites. Tough to stay social distance away from him. Or Wyatt. Or Ginger.

Clay who is Jeremiahs Dad? Rick, Travis, or Steven Gage? From Ozark same as me. All 3 good athletes especially Travis & Rick.

Very cool! Miss him.

The late Steve Gage was Jeremiah’s dad.

Yep Steve was a super nice man. RIP

I fish too at home, (I have a pond), but they seem to be social distancing themselves from my bait.

We have two ponds here and I’ve had the same social distancing problem with the bass. But I got some nice practice with my fly rod. Clay reminded me that I live in an area with a lot of nice trout streams. I’m planning to hit some of those when my children allow me to leave the house. They are strict…

I like forward to fishing report, LD.

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